Sunday, November 29, 2009

Why oh why...

One of the things I have been looking for recently is a lovely Tea for One know, the sort where the teapot sits in the teacup? I would like one for work...right now I have a thermal mug, and while its nice for camping, this Libran heart yearns for something a bit...lovelier. Hence my search for a tea for one set that I really liked. I've found a few, but all the ones I like are around $40 unshipped. Then I found it. The perfect, and I mean perfect set for me for work.

Its even a much more reasonable price...$25 unshipped? That's fifteen dollars less, which is wonderful. It has a big selling point that I wasn't able to find anywhere else--the handles of each half are shaped to form a more unified whole handle. AND...its Celtic Knots. *swoon* I don't know about anyone else out there, but Celtic Knots are the thing of my dreams. I am induced to stare at them in rapture whenever I see them. I *love* Celtic Knots. One of the many many many reasons I know I am a Celtic Girl.

...Its still out of my price range. I'm still in the process of picking myself back up, and I'm not on my feet yet. So I'm willing to put up with thermal mug for now...but one day that beautiful set will be mine.


  1. I doubt a turkey of any breed can soar like raptor. I think they want to find ground as expediently as possible. I like collecting and zen teapots are one of those things I think about collecting.

  2. I too love Celtic knots. =) it is a beautiful set.

  3. What a lovely tea-for-one! I've run into a few of these, and this is really one of the prettiest. Save up and treat yourself!


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