Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

I got to see my grandparents, which was very nice. My Grandpa is currently in rehab but they gave him a release for four hours. We were actually able to spend thanksgiving together, which was wonderful. Grandma will have to go in to get checked up again, there's ANOTHER something wrong. This is why I had my boyfriend come along--I can feel that my grandparents are failing, and wanted to be sure that we would at least see them now. I think they may try to stick around to at least see a great-grandchild born...but I don't know how much their stubbornness will keep them rooted, and it doesn't look like my recently-married cousin is trying for kids yet.

Anyways, on to happier topics. As promised, I took some hasty pictures of my mini traveling altar--the pics are a bit blurry so I apologize, but you should be able to see them well enough.

Inside there is a mirror, a tea light, a candle-inscribing crystal, a pendulum, a goddess figure, and incense matches as well as a small incense holder, all in a re-purposed Altoids tin. Took me a bit to come up with it, but it works great.


  1. Very nice. I don't have a travel altar, I'm more like a let-me-pick-up-some-rocks-and-sticks kind of Witch, but your altar makes me want to get creative. I think I just might....

  2. Very Creative. I don't think I would have come up with that.

  3. I'm normally the pick up some rocks and sticks type as well...then I found a situation where I needed a bit more grounding and firepower, and at that exact moment my muse decided to start yanking my hair. I didn't have a choice past that, and its like having a little bit of home wherever I am.


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