Monday, November 2, 2009

This is a few days late

I meant to post about my Samhain day of, or at least yesterday, but neither happened. I helped to run the ritual so I knew what would be happening, but it was a secret for the rest of the group and I had to keep it very hush-hush. We were in a very wooded area with a stream running through it, and a gorgeous nearly full moon to light the multiple paths. When the group arrived they found themselves at a fire (which was contained in my grill--its a public park after all) and were told to meditate on the past year and those gone before.

Death then came to the group and chose an individual to meet the Ferryman. The Ferryman would challenge this individual, ask why they should allow the individual to go to an oracle and simply not die. The individual would express a wish to visit either the oracle of the past, the oracle of the present, or the oracle of the future. Future was played by our group organizer, all dressed up steam-punk. Present was a mirror that the individual had to meditate in front of. Past was played by moi, the discussion organizer, in my rennaisance outfit (also my Nero Gypsy outfit) with the aid of my runes. People told me later that my runes were so hot that they felt like they would get burned, and it was a rather cold night. After they were done they made their way back to the group alone.

We had some 'drama' as we were setting up before the group arrived. There was a loud riot-sounding crowd on the road right by the park, it sounded like they were getting closer and coming into the park. Understandably we were rather concerned. Then suddenly silence--which made us even more nervous. A few minutes pass as we struggle to get the curtains strung over the paths, and we suddenly hear a very authoritative "You have to leave here immediately" with a flashlight shining in our faces. There was a cop in front of us and a cop behind us, the cop behind us had his hand on his piece. "You have to leave here immediately"
"Umm...what? I thought public parks closed at eleven"
"But this is part of the constitution trail (our bike path) and closes at nightfall...what are you doing out here anyway?"
"We're a local pagan group, we're having a ritual for Halloween?"
"Oh! ...well, how long do you think it will take?"
"Probably two hours, no more."
"Alright. As long as it will only take two hours. Do me a favor, if any kids come in here scream at them and scare them away for me, willya?"

The cops had us watching the park for them on Halloween while we did our ritual!! XD


  1. I love that the cops were so cool about it!

  2. You probably scared the cops a bit too - lol!

    Your ritual sounded really great - I'm glad you had a chance to celebrate outside - I'm sure it was beautiful under the moon!


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