Monday, September 27, 2010

I LOVE socks!!!!!!!!!!!

These are all of the beautiful socks I have made for myself over the course of one, two years. Making my own socks is my favorite part about knitting--I was never much into the funky, fun-colored socks you can buy in the store, but knitting those socks is one of my favorite things! I can custom-make them for myself, have as intricate or plain a design as I want, and they last FOREVER! I go through store-bought socks at an alarming rate.

Here are some of the designs that you can't really appreciate when the pattern is relaxed:

last but not least, my latest pair. They're just in time for fall, and they remind me of fall! The pattern sort of looks like falling leaves, and the colors are fall colors.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!

I am now 24 years old. Well, technically I will be at 3 a.m.
So astrologers, you have your date and time (September 26, 1986, 3 a.m.). I wonder if anyone is going to draw up my chart out of sheer curiosity? Likely not--there's a lot of effort that goes into those. But hey, its good practice.

24 and man is the biological clock ticking. I literally woke up saturday morning and asked my boyfriend "once we're married (which will happen in the next year or so) can we start trying to have kids?" Yeah. Weird. At the same time I can't wait, but I also value my freedom WAAAAAAAAY too much.

Ah well. We'll see what I have to say next year.

Here's to another year of love and pain, joy and sorrow, and above all, growth.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Welcome Magical Partygoers!

I have several posts available for your reading enjoyment, and may post more throughout the day. It will depend most on if the mood takes me (which it very well might, what with my perusing so many Practical Magic blog goodies!).

I have been informed of a problem where people cannot comment on my posts; I have checked this and discovered that while I can comment on my own posts, I cannot edit any of them once posted! :( Most unfortunate. Rest assured that I am informing Blogger of this glitch.

I do not know if this problem will be resolved in time for the part; in fact I doubt it. As such, I invite you to please email me your thoughts and comments at windchild26ATgmailDOTcom. If you will preface your comment with which post this is in regards to, I can later edit my posts (once the problem is solved) and add your coments. Thank you!

It's another 31 days of Halloween....

...with BOOKS! Paranormal Books!! Really, can you get any better than that? Ooh, the tingles shoot up my spine in antici.........(SAY IT!!!)...........pation. The month of fun is upon us! Go check it out!!

"There's a little Witch in every Woman"

I find it curious that Warner Bros. even misquote their own movie. Did any of you realize this is a misquote? THIS is what Aunt Jet says: "There's a little witch in all of us." Why does this get transformed to 'every woman?' I mean, yes, there are only women gathered when Jet makes this statement, but I always felt the statement was more enveloping than just those gathered.

Is it because witches are thought to be only women? And men are supposedly 'warlocks'? But that isn't the case at all. Men are not warlocks, they are witches in their own right.

I think Jet's actual statement is far more appropriate. I may be the only one here, but I really don't like to disclude men when there is just as much a right for them as there is for women. We are ALL witches, regardless of gender.

As such, this I say:

There's a little Witch in ALL OF US!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Practical Magic

Here are some lovely sites that I came across as I was researching for my posts. Browse to your heart's content. Enjoy!

The Magick of Practical Magic

I don't know a single pagan who has watched this movie and not gone "I wish magick worked like that in real life!" Being able to blow on a candle to light it, having your tea/coffee keep stirring itself after taking your hand away...little things like that would make it all so much more, well, magickal.

While it is always The Craft that is lauded for its realistic spells/rituals (small wonder why--they actually had a priestess consultant on set!) Practical Magic does manage to get some realism in there.

First bit of magick in the movie: Maria's hanging rope snaps just as she jumps from the scaffolding. I don't know about you, but I'd say that's rather realistic. It's 'coincidental' when it takes effect, as so much magick can be explained as simple coincidence. Now I certainly wouldn't condone trying to hang yourself just to see if you can perform a bit of coincidental magick yourself--are you insane?!? Leave it to the movies, kids: they have their own brand of magic.

Second bit of magick: Maria's curse. She wants to keep herself from ever falling in love, but her intent and energy warps into "a curse on any man that dared love an Owens woman." She likely would have been better served by a spell to ease a broken heart, but by this point she is remarkably bitter which explains her choice.

Next is the love spell the aunts perform for a lovesick woman in the village. This one I think is both unwise and unlikely. One, there is a specific person the spell is to be worked on, which is exactly the WRONG way to go about a love spell. Two, they drive a needle through the heart of a mourning dove to accomplish it. Animal sacrifice in this day and age is rather looked down upon, and its near impossible to find a witch willing to utilize it. Doves are sacred to Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. By piercing one of her sacred animals through the heart in sacrifice to her, I can understand how this might function as a love spell but would NEVER condone it. There are much simpler, less harmful ways. Leave the animal sacrifice to the ancients.

Gilly: What are you doing?
Sally: Summoning up a true love spell called Amas Veritas.
Gilly: I thought you never wanted to fall in love.
Sally: That's the point. I guy I dreamed up doesn't exist, and if he doesn't exist I'll never die of a broken heart.
Amas Veritas translates to True Love, so Sally's statement is rather redundant. She picks several flowers, and with each flower she names another quality that she would like in a man. For the record, this IS the right way to do a love spell, so I don't know why the movie thinks you have to name a specific person for a love spell to work. I mean, that's the way to make a love spell backfire! And I think it curious that she chooses white rose petals--then again, its not so mysterious since she's actually trying to NOT fall in love. Pink/Red would be romantic/steamy respectively, but white is that kind of untouched quality.

How many of you realized with this shot that the spell had taken effect? I mean, its kinda obvious that he's the one from her spell--there are all of the white rose petals from her spell scattered about, and he walking through them. I think it a beautiful visual representation of that tingle you feel in the air when a spell takes effect, and quite clever on the director's part (though he likely wasn't thinking about that. It's cinema symbolism).

I'm not even going to go into the resurrection spell...well, I will, but only slightly. Why the HELL would you bring someone back from the dead? Why do the Aunts have a spell like that??? For the spell, there is a black pentacle drawn upon his chest with a white pentacle covering it. Reasonable symbolism there, especially considering the incant:
"Black as Night, erase Death from our Sight
White as Light, Mighty Hekate make it right."
The black pentacle is concealed, hidden from sight as it is enveloped by the white pentacle of resurrection.
There is no purpose to rolling your tongue that I can divine--movie magic, what can ya do. For a while I wasn't entirely sure why they were supposed to drive needles through the eyes, but then a friend of mine came up with a theory--driving needles through his eyes would theoretically weaken him, allowing the spirit to be controlled. I suppose I can see that.

I do like the little Banishing potion Gillian and Kylie whip up. They make it as a simple syrup? Wouldn't everyone ingesting it have that spell cast on them then?
The only ingredients they give us in the movie for this are Blessing Seeds/Nigelis, and Milk Thistle. Is Nigelis even a real? Am I spelling it right? Google is not helping me...

In the end, the magick in Practical Magic is a bit hit and miss. Twisted the right way and with the right intent I suppose they could be perfectly functional spells, but I personally would find my own way of doing things. As I said before, there are MUCH simpler, safer ways of accomplishing the same thing. Still, they did fairly well for all that. And its the little unintentional magick that I really adore--how the aunts know the love lives of every person in town, how Gillian can seduce almost any man she wants, Kylie seeing Jimmy in the garden, how Sally's coffee keeps stirring for her. I also wouldn't mind being able to float safely down from a great height. Ya know, little things.

In any case Practical Magic has a soft spot in my heart. It's the spirit of it that I adore, the real feel of magic. For that, it doesn't have to be spot-on with its spells. I'll still watch it again and again, grinning from ear to ear.

Blessed Mabon!

Traditionally I prepare my altar for fall on Mabon...I may wait a day or two, so I can find more turned leaves to gather and press them properly before using them on my altar. Rest assured, I will definitely have pictures up!

I'm thinking I need to harvest and dry some of the herbs in my garden--perfect time to do it! I discovered last winter that rosemary, despite being an evergreen, will definitely not survive in a pot on a balcony, so I will be harvesting that as well.

I'm considering making some mulled wine...but will likely pass due to our 90 DEGREE TEMPERATURE!! Ugh! Record-setting is great and all, but does it have to be on Mabon?

In any case, I know many of you celebrated yesterday (Is my Llewelyn calendar the only one that says its on the 23rd this year?) but a blessed Mabon regardless! Peace!

Friday, September 17, 2010


Unfortunately I didn't get a call back. Thank you everyone who wished me luck! Now then...*ahem* Macbeth Macbeth Macbeth Macbeth Macbeth Macbeth Macbeth Macbeth Macbeth Macbeth Macbeth Macbeth, j/k! I'm not in the play, nor am I in the theatre, so that won't have any effect.

A good deal of you probably knew, but in case you didn't here's a bit of theatre lore for you. It is considered incredibly bad luck (read: "curse") to say the name Macbeth while in a theatre or while part of a production that isn't Macbeth (Macbeth being the name of Shakespeare's Scottish play with the three witches and a guest appearance by Hekate).

It is thought that the reason this play is cursed (which is why you don't mention it while in a theatre/play) is because the spell contained within the play--double, double, toil and trouble and all that--was a real spell that Shakespeare stole from witches at the time. The witches got pissed and as a result cursed the play. Now, I highly doubt the validity of this claim--I truly doubt that any witch would include in any potion the corpse of a baby that was birthed in a ditch and then strangled by its own prostitute mother ("strangled babe ditch-delivered by a drab").

The more likely explanation as to why its considered bad luck to say the name of this play: if the current production is doing poorly, saying the name might give the director the idea to switch to the more popular Macbeth simply to bring in profit.

In any case, the play got the reputation among theatre folk of being 'cursed'--and we all know what the power of belief can do. Things do go wrong if someone accidentally says the name Macbeth--lights stop working, mics cut out, props/scenery break/go missing, actors get sick, etc. And I'm talking far more than the usual first night hi-jinks...everything goes wrong on the first night, but a play plagued by the Macbeth curse has stuff going wrong constantly.

As a witch its a rather simple matter to disperse the energy that gathers when the name is spoken--other folks don't have it as easy. There are a variety of 'counter-curses', but the one I was subjected to while still in the broom-closet fair traumatized me.

Step 1) take off your left shoe and stand on your right foot only
Step 2) hop counter-clockwise three full rotations
Step 3) go outside. You may only replace your shoe once you have left the building.

Some are more elaborate, some less. With no actual intent or energy however its understandable that this counter-curse only works on occasion. I was a junior in highschool at the time, clueless of the curse and talking about my english assignment at play practice when my director suddenly freaked out at me (and I mean FREAKED OUT--he got purple in the face and spit was flying from his mouth as he screamed at me to shut up). He then stopped absolutely everything and had everyone watch as he made me perform the counter-curse, then escorted me outside the building to make sure I didn't put my shoe on prematurely. Like I said, fairly traumatized. Actors take this stuff seriously.

Anywho, there's a bit of theatre lore for you. Hope you enjoyed it!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wish me luck!

I'm auditioning at our community theater tonight!  Guess what play it is?
Dracula!  (yeah, shock, surprise)
One of the performances is on Hallowe'en...well, we'll see if I make it first and then I'll worry about that.  Its been forever since I've been in a play!  The last time was in the Vagina Monologues in February a couple years back.  Chances are I won't be auditioning for Rocky Horror again this year, so Dracula here I come!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Labor Day weekend

It was fantastic! The first vacation I've ever had while working full time. I went with my boyfriend up North--that is, to Birchwood, WI. My family has spent their summers there since before I can remember, and this time I was able to drag the guy along with me. He went expecting a stressful weekend with the almost-in-laws...he ended up having a great time! Says he would like to return at least once a summer, and you know that makes me jump for joy. Summer just isn't summer without tubing on the Lake and campfires with s'mores and driving to Hayward to spend a day in that tourist trap. So I got to have a small summer--with the trees already turning for fall. Lol. Still, it was a balm to my soul (I haven't been up in a couple years!). To the left you can see one of the ways I will spend my days up there.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

More teasers

This is how I did her feet! She walks among the stars...