Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Warning: Mush-fest straight ahead.

4 years and 3 weeks ago I cast a desperate lovespell.  I was heartbroken, stressed, and desperately in need of someone who would be loving, understanding, and gentle.
4 years and 1 week ago I met the love of my life by 'chance'.  He offered to fix my wifi.  We ended up talking the whole night.
4 years ago I gave my new crush a birthday gift even though I had only known him a week.  He asked me out that night.
I am celebrating 4 years with an absolutely wonderful man today.  The man who is everything I ever asked for and so much more.  He is a stubborn, exasperating, far too logically-minded science/math kind of guy.  He is the perfect man for me.  He listens and comforts me when I'm upset.  He'll leave me small gifts I'm not expecting.  He does the dishes without asking.  He's sensitive and shares his emotions and is amazing.  He is my Heart, my Joy, my Life.  He's mine, and I am completely his.  I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him.
Happy Birthday my love.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh Snap Batman! Its the Knit Signal!

I'm forwarding this email I got from my knitting group:

The Yarn Harlot put up "the knit signal" (like the bat signal, but with needles on it) on her blog on the 13th to help raise money for Doctor's Without Borders in Haiti. In six days knitters have sent HALF A MILLION dollars to Doctors without Borders and posted to the blog so Steph could update the total. She's been posting about it on her blog.  http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/

That amount is now around 800 thousand.  I haven't really posted about relief for Haiti...while I'm in a better place now than I was when I started this blog, money is still a concern.  BUT, as this is a really good cause, I've donated the money I was saving to go see Avatar again.  Y'all KNOW how fanatical I've been about that movie.  It would have been my fifth time seeing it, second in 3-D...*sigh*  This is a better cause.  I can wait till it comes out on dvd...I guess... 
As you've probably already heard, Haiti suffered a 6.1 aftershock this morning.  What wasn't trashed before is now.  I'm calling all knitters, crafters, and people who wish they were crafty.  Check out Stephanie's blog (link above) and scroll down 'till you see the knit signal.  Make sure you read her whole post; she makes a very specific request in there.  If you'd like to see how much money the crafting community has mustered, the total is at the bottom of this link: http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/tsffaq.html
Please at least take the time to read her post!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

It just keeps getting better and better

So, by this point I think most of you are aware with Mother Moon's Message. Her January giveaway is absolutely breath-taking, and I cannot resist further attempts is securing it--thus, this post.

Check it out!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

*Rapid Heartbeat*

Mrs. B's having a giveaway. Mrs. B's having a giveaway. Ay ay AY Mrs B's having a Giveaway!!!!!!

Its...I...just go look. No, seriously. Go look.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Self Discipline? Does it taste Good?

So, I have finally admitted it to myself: I am the master of no self-discipline. Seriously, I really don't have it. I am pretty good at getting myself to want to do things...sometimes. But if I just flat out don't want to do it? Good luck. No, seriously, good luck. You'll need it. You see, avoiding things I don't want to do is one of my specialties. I spend a great deal of energy and creativity avoiding things I don't like. Much more than it would take to actually just knuckle down and do it, in fact.

Part of me takes a certain amount of pride in that fact. That I can so masterfully avoid unpleasantness. The problem comes when I want a certain result, but the only way to attain it is unpleasant. Case in point: my weight. Until two years ago this really wasn't a problem. I could eat whatever I wanted, not really exercise, and be perfectly slim and healthy. Part of that was because whatever I wanted consisted of whatever my parents made. But, unfortunately college hit--suddenly there was no-one to do my discipline for me, and my metabolism slowed down. Double-suck. You see, my parents ran my life just as much when I was a senior in highschool as they did when I was five. They controlled what I ate, when I went out, and what extra-curricular activities I participated in. They weren't met with much resistance either--I learned very quickly that it would land me in a world of serious hurt. As such the part of me that should have developed into self-discipline developed into ways to get around my parent's discipline.

I realize that's not an excuse. No really, I fully accept that I have a miserably weak will and its all my fault. But that really doesn't help me develop a backbone and try to lose weight. We have a free gym in my apartment complex. I tried to make a commitment to go once a day for an hour. I asked the guy to come with me--not only would it keep me going, it would help him lose weight too. The pussy couldn't make it past 25 minutes...while I would stay for the full hour. That wasn't exactly conducive to my commitment. Not only is it that I don't exercise, I've also developed a miserable diet. Since I have the ability to make my own money, I also have the ability to spend it as I wish--which means going out to eat. A lot. At home we never did that except at most 3 times a year. Blame the boy--I didn't even go out once I got to college until I hooked up with him. Now its so convenient I can't seem to stop. And I don't know how to cook. I don't know about you, but I get a little tired of spaghettios sometimes. And 'banquet' dinners.

It really doesn't help that I have the most defunct tastebuds in existence. Muffins, sweet? You must be joking. I mean, I can kind of taste it...but it gets overwhelmed by the sourness of the blueberries. Sorry. The vegetables I will eat are carrots, broccoli, and corn (I know corn isn't a vegetable!!!!). I HATE lettuce. And peas. And tomatoes. I'm a little better in the fruit area. I even like that extremely sour/tangy thing known as a mango. Lets sum up my taste like this: sparse sweet receptors. Over abundant bitter receptors. Average salty/sour receptors. Its a BITCH.

*sigh* Speaking of bitch, this has degenerated into one big whine-fest. My apologies. I was kind of desperate to write something as I feel I've been rather neglectfull, and this was on my mind. I didn't intend for it to come out like this. So, sum-up: No self-discipline + hating working out + defunct tastebuds = overweight! And not happy about it. And wanting to be able to fit my own clothes. And frustrated that my job is sitting at a desk all day. Gah!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A quick stop by....

I'm sorry I haven't posted much in a while. Life has been kind of exhausting, and I"m not sure why I haven't found the time to bitch---err, I mean, talk about it here. Anyone remember that YA book series Animorphs by K.A. Applegate? The older/younger(teen) crowd may not be phased by it as much--it affected a pretty small age range at one point in time.

Anyways! Back to the point. I had the complete series back in the day, and my mom up and decided she would donate them to her school library when I was in highschool. I had started collecting these books when I was in 6th grade. Her reasoning was that it wasn't something I would read again, unlike the Boxcar children. She was definitely wrong, as I probably won't be reading boxcar kids again till I have kids to read them to, and I've wanted to re-read Animorphs countless times since she took them from me.

My boyfriend has all of the main books, and we just got the box of them from his mom. EEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!
So you can guess where I've been the past however-many days. Rereading the series, and I am simply STUNNED at how much there is a pagan influence in the books. Its probably not intended to be pagan--just philosophical or something. But damn.

Animorphs, as the title indicates, is about a group of kids who are given the power to 'morph' into different animals--any different animal, as long as they 'acquire' the DNA first. They are given this power by a dying alien in order to protect earth from a hostile covert invasion by another alien race. (Its a Sci-Fi, can you tell?) In one book they become dolphins for an undersea mission, and end up saving a whale that is being attacked by a group of sharks. The one who is narrating that book, Cassie, ends up 'speaking' with the whale--in a completely spiritual, sense-and-images-and-emotion kind of way. While the animorphs do have 'thoughtspeak' (telepathy) while in animal form, this is completely different. This is a real whale that she is talking to while a dolphin.

So, that doesn't sound like much. Consider these little nuggets are sprinkled all throughout the series. I am *loving* this. However, it happens to be sapping up all of my freetime. Sorry guys! I'll be back as soon as I'm done with the short 54 plus some odd book series. Promise!