Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Warning: Mush-fest straight ahead.

4 years and 3 weeks ago I cast a desperate lovespell.  I was heartbroken, stressed, and desperately in need of someone who would be loving, understanding, and gentle.
4 years and 1 week ago I met the love of my life by 'chance'.  He offered to fix my wifi.  We ended up talking the whole night.
4 years ago I gave my new crush a birthday gift even though I had only known him a week.  He asked me out that night.
I am celebrating 4 years with an absolutely wonderful man today.  The man who is everything I ever asked for and so much more.  He is a stubborn, exasperating, far too logically-minded science/math kind of guy.  He is the perfect man for me.  He listens and comforts me when I'm upset.  He'll leave me small gifts I'm not expecting.  He does the dishes without asking.  He's sensitive and shares his emotions and is amazing.  He is my Heart, my Joy, my Life.  He's mine, and I am completely his.  I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him.
Happy Birthday my love.


  1. Awww! See, love spells aren't always the evil incarnate everyone makes them out to be! Good for you for putting out there what you wanted, and finding him!

    Congrats on your 4year anniversary!

  2. I wish you well. I made the mistake of reading some 18 year old notes from another early last week and now am heartsick. I need to say I'm sorry for not writing back to her where ever she is now. My whole life seems like it happened a few weeks ago usually. I had started to fictionalize in my blog http://himthealmightypowerhurled.blogspot.com/2010/01/who-made-this-statement.html

    Any cure?

  3. How wonderful I am so glad to hear this story it is beautiful


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