Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oh, now that's just not fair...

I've been wanting a copy of Creepy Cute Crochet for forever, and Mrs. B. has a contest for one over at her blog! But not only that, she also has a contest for a really awesome pendant from Aunia Kahn! Ohhh, two awesome giveaways...I'm not sure which I want more! She says the winner of creepy cute crochet has to make her one...I'll make her as many as she wants if I win it! Heck, I'll even make her my original pattern Cthulu...or my eyeball bag...or any of my other patterns!

See the book here:
See the pendant here:

Rune of the Day

Today's Rune of the Day is Eiwaz

Eiwaz is the rune of the world tree. The Norse believed that the yew tree was the world tree because it never seemed to die. Generation after generation after generation would walk beneath its branches and it would seem just the same. This rune can mean that one is balancing (or trying to balance) many things at once, different facets of life. Job vs. family vs. friends...and often so much more. This rune cannot be occluded, as it looks the same rightside up as it does upside down.

Eiwaz is the rune of the day because....well do you really need to ask? Tonight starts Samhain! What more befits the thinning of the veil than the World Tree?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Lets do the Time Warp...Again!

This is my fifth time going to see rocky horror. I've been in it twice, as a transylvanian each time. I have a well-established whore getup. I wasn't able to wear my regular tiny shorts as I lent them to a friend for her halloween costume, but I was able to borrow a black skirt from her and I think it worked well enough. This transformation has two steps:

There's the Mrs. Rabbit phase...

And then there's the full blown transylvanian, teal eyeshadow, teal lipstick, and teal+gold earrings.

Apples Galore!

So, I made an apple pie today for the feast after ritual tomorrow. I'll also be making mulled wine (I have a half-gallon of rotgut I need to get rid of) and be bringing fresh apples...maybe we'll be bobbing? I tried a recipe I wasn't too familiar with, but it ended up looking delicious! I can't wait to taste it!Yes, the steam 'vents' are in the shape of a pentacle. I can't wait to taste it, it smelled so good in the making! Its the third pie I've ever made, and my first time trying the egg white trick to make it brown and shiny. Yum!

Rune of the Day

Today's Rune of the Day is Wunjo

Wunjo is my rune of guidance! Wunjo is the rune of joy and happiness. (My name also means "One of Joy") Its symbol is a flag at full mast flapping in the breeze. A fairly straightforward rune, it usually is quite upfront with its meaning. Occluded it can mean that you're not happy, or that you're not taking joy from things around you. It can be an urging to stop and smell the roses, enjoy life.

Wunjo is the rune of the day because I'm so happy and excited! Today I'll be making apple pies, getting candy for the trick or treaters, and getting ready for tomorrow! Tonight I'll be going to Rocky Horror! No, I'm not in it this year, but that doesn't keep me from being a transylvanian in the audience! More on that later--that gets its own post!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fruits of my Labor...

Yummy yummy pumpkin seeds! I always make sure to save them when I carve my pumpkin...but last year the pumpkin was starting to rot from the inside out and I didn't get to have any. :( This year I roasted them with salt and dill weed, yum! They've been sitting on my counter next to a jar of candy corn and a tealight candle holder that says "Witch Pharmacy" ^_^

Rune of the Day

Today's Rune of the Day is Berkana

Berkana is B for Birch. The birch tree is sacred to the goddess, and therefore Berkana is the goddess and pure female energy. A lot of the time I find that this represents a specific woman in someone's life, and sometimes it has literally represented the goddess. Once in a life overview it told me that someone was bi because both berkana occluded and tiwaz (male energy) occluded were smack in the center side by side.

Berkana is the rune of the day because I ask that she watch over me today as I go around town. There's been a lot of construction and traffic is crazy, plus I go in to an interview and the bank. Blessings.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's Jack!

Oh how scary! Jack has finally arrived and he's bearing a fearsome grin indeed. It's not as visible in the picture, but his nose and irises are glowing a bit as well! Tomorrow he's taking a bit of a 'vacation' in the complex office. On the 30th residents will be voting on all the different Jacks, with the possibility of $100 off rent for the winner! Don't worry, Jack will be back safe and sound in time to protect the home from the spirits that wander the night!

It came in!!

It finally came in! This is the amazing black mirror that I won from Diary of a Natural Witch! I got not only this, but also a black and a white tealight, as well as two sticks of sandalwood incense and a great black bag. Think this is cool? So is she! Her button's on the side of my blog, go check her out!


There is a giveaway over at Mrs. B's for a subscription to Witches & Pagans Magazine! Go check it out! .

Rune of the Day

Today's Rune of the Day is Ehwaz!

Ehwaz is the rune of companionship. Its symbol is a horse--I've sometimes seen people call it Odin's eight-legged horse, Sleipnir. To the Norse, a dog wasn't man's best friend--the horse was. With a horse you could plow your fields to feed your family. With a horse you could travel to market to trade for things you needed. With a horse you could ride into battle and save each other's lives. Treated well a horse was one's truest, closest companion--and those who work closely with horses today still know that truth. The rune means much the same thing in a reading...this is your best friend. It could mean that you should reach out to your friends, stop being so standoffish. It could mean that you will meet a good friend soon. It could even mean that you should take your heart in hand and tell your friends about things that have been weighing you down--they're there for you, that's why they're called friends.

Ehwaz is the Rune of the Day because Wednesdays I get to go hang out with friends, sometimes for hours! ^_^ Wednesday we all meet at a local restaurant for lunch and talk to our heart's content--we're the regulars and we bring in great business, so we can stay for as long as we want! Its a gyro place, and while I don't like gyros their chicken strips are AMAZING--I can't wait! Anyhow, I'm off to there now, so I'll see y'all later!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is it a good thing...

...If a manager tells you at an open interview that she'll be calling you tomorrow to set up a regular interview?

Squeeeeee! ^_^

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar

Anyone heard of this movie? I strongly suggest it. If you look it up on youtube you can find the whole movie there too. It's got Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes, and Robin Williams to name a few. Robin Williams plays John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmitt. XD There was a fantastic tribute to Patrick Swayze using clips from this movie to "Girls Just want to Have Fun"--search "Girls Just Want to Wong Foo". ^_^

I'm always a big proponent for anything that promotes understanding, whether it be religion, homosexuality, or race.

Rune of the Day

Today's Rune of the Day is Isa

Isa is the rune of Ice. I'm not sure if the symbol is actually an icycle, but that's what I always think of. Ice to the Norse meant winter. Winter meant a time of stasis, of being unable to do anything. The cold and snow kept them indoors, living off of their stores, telling stories, waiting for the thaw. As tense as these situations can be, they are also needed. Its the break from all the back-breaking work, the time to think, to plan, to prepare. Getting this rune in a reading can mean that you need to take a step back from your work, or that you should wait to make a decision. This rune cannot be occluded, as it looks the same rightside up as it does upside down.

Isa is the Rune of the Day because that's the way I feel. Its grey, calm (if it were stormy I'd be much more energized) and everything is sleep and mellow. Problem is, as much as I feel its a day for Isa, I can't be so today. I have to go to the bank, and I have to go to an open interview later. *sigh* Yeah, I'll put up and do the work...but today just feels like Isa.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Great Concept!

Yesterday The Domestic Witch made a post about one's Tarot Card of the Year. I won't completely repost it--you'll have to head over to her blog to check it out!

Looking at options, I think using one's birthday to calculate it is the best way to go--that way its personalized. You take your birth day and month, and then the current year, and add it all up. 9+26+2009=2044. Then, like in numerology, add each digit of your total--2+0+4+4=10. If your total is 1 through 22, you're golden. If its 26 or something, then add 2+6=8, and there you go.

My number is 10, which is the Wheel of Fortune, or in my deck its "The Sun Wheel".

I really hope this means a fortuitous year. I'm not going to rely on it--that would be rather foolish--but it seems hopeful. I'm just coming out of the Hermit, and it was not an easy year. I brought the hardship upon myself intentionally, because I had never experienced it before and needed to learn from it. Not that I specifically did something stupid, but more like I refuse to go to my parents to 'bail me out'. I have to experience what its like just starting out. And yeah, its hard. But I need to figure out how to keep going. After a year of hardship, it'd be nice to have some relief.

Rune of the Day

Today's Rune of the Day is Algiz

Algiz is the Rune of Protection and defense. When I was first studying runes, I learned that the symbol represents a type of tall sawgrass called 'Elk's Hedge'. Wild animals--elk, foxes, rabbits, and the like, used to run into clusters of elk's hedge to escape hunters. Animals could move freely through the plants, but clumsy humans would always get cut on the edges, and as they could not pursue game there came no point in downing an animal if they entered such a thicket. There are two runes of protection, and as such I have found that this one usually means receiving protection from outward sources. This could mean an older sibling beat up your bully at school, or even that the gods are looking out for you. Algiz is always a rune I like to have on my side.
Algiz is the rune of the day because I feel I could really use some protection right now. With money issues and rent coming up... It'd be nice to know someone's looking out for me. I know that someone always is looking out for amazing boyfriend. But when we're both caught in the same mess, it'd be comforting to know that we'll both be safe.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

*gasp* Baba Yaga...

Ohhhh my goodness....its Baba Yaga...

For the record, I have adored Baba Yaga since I was a little girl. She just wasn't scary to me...she was the stern exterior grandmother with the mile-wide soft spot. If you found the soft spot, she was awesome. That didn't mean she couldn't kick ass...that's what made her an awesome grandma. But there was the comfort of knowing she wouldn't do something bad to someone who didn't deserve it.

And I find that there's a contest for her over at Mrs. B's. Well, not her, obviously, but a wall hanging of her. And it's beautiful. It pictures her flying around in her mortar (I would assume) with her broom sweeping away any sign of her passing. Granted that may be the pestle that allows her to steer, but it looks like the broom. Don't take my word for it, go look! Ahh, Baba Yaga...grandma, will you come home?

This was supposed to be last night...

...But by the time I got back from my meeting it was already one in the morning and I didn't feel like posting a rune for the day and then this post before going to bed. So last night was my group's Pagans In Touch meeting for Symbolism. I'm the discussion organizer, somewhat newly appointed, and it really was the first meeting we had where I was actually leading the discussion. For the most part I got really good feedback: that it was organized, there was actually transitions, and that people felt like we actually talked alot about the topic and there wasn't as much off-topic conversation. That made me feel awesome!

Apparently in my boyfriend's opinion it was an 'okay' meeting...he got the feeling at points that I was being condescending? His words were that I was being a 'kindergarden teacher'. Sometimes when someone brought something up I would be like "Yeah, that's great! That's a really good point!" And to him it seemed like the tone I used was like I was talking to little kids figuring something out for the first time. I didn't feel like that...I know that I was trying to acknowledge their point while trying to allow for other people to add stuff too, so I may have rushed it a little...I don't know.

After all the good feedback I got lastnight, should I be putting as much emphasis on his opinion as I am? He does have a bit of a history misconstruing things as being condescending...only every now and then, but I don't know if I just don't see it or what.

Rune of the Day

Today's Rune of the Day is Raidho

Raidho is the rune of travel, of safe journeys, and of life cycles. Occluded it can mean that things are stagnating, or that you are studiously ignoring something that you need to do, a change you need to make, a journey you need to start out on. In my readings Raidho tends more towards the 'life cycles' aspect than an actual physical journey, but sometimes it can mean that too. Oftentime the journey is more of a metaphor for something you must do or change than anything else.

Raidho is the rune of the day because I can feel change in the air. My boyfriend's applied for a student loan on three different occasions recently--with the last one, the response of "no" was immediate. He just got an email saying 'yes, come fill out our paperwork'...apparently when it comes to loans 'no' really means yes. Change is in the air, and I can feel it. Perhaps that job really will call me back? Only time will tell.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rune of the Day

Today's Rune of the Day is Fehu

Fehu is the rune of Prosperity and inheritance. Note that this does not necessarily mean money. A person may be poor monetarily but be rich in relationships. Inheritance can also mean personality traits or appearances that you have inherited from your ancestors. The symbol of Fehu is the horns of cattle being tossed in the air. To the ancient Norse the amount of cattle one had was what measured one's prosperity, as any sort of money was actually hard to come by.

Fehu is the rune of the day because in this case he does actually mean money...I get a paycheck from my temp job today. Granted I won't be able to use a bit of it because it will be paying off some debt I have, but at least I'll have money for all of five minutes! (Expect a recurrence of Fehu when I finally get an actual job; I'll be celebrating then!)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Awesome Giveaway!

Jules over at MoonCat Farms meanderings (( is having a Mystery Halloween Giveaway! While she refuses to divulge what it includes, she has admitted that it is all home grown and may or may not include her own herbs! The best part is always that we don't know, but I'm curious...will we at least be able to find out after the giveaway?
P.S.--here's a link to the giveaway itself:

Dollar Store Death

Haven't you ever wanted an angel to celebrate Samhain and El Dia de los Muertos with? Of course you have. And the brilliant Carin over at The Anticraft found a way to let you do just that...and a year ago, to boot! Bet you didn't know that, huh?

I actually bought a gawdy little angel last year in preparation to make it into a little Death for my Samhain altar. It would have been fantastic, it had a mandolin it was playing and everything. I say would have, because it got lost in our move. That or ran away...perhaps it didn't want to let go of its rosy cheeks just yet.

The free instructions to make your own little Dollar Store Death can be found at . Go ahead, poke around the rest of the site, see what wondrous macabre creations you may even discover a thing or two from me on there. Careful though, several things on the site are NSFW. Perhaps you should wait until after work?

Rune of the Day

Today's Rune of the Day is Ansuz

Ansuz is the rune of communication. It brings news from afar, reminds you that you need to talk to someone, and can even chastise you for a fight you got into or a conversation you didn't handle very well. It can be called upon to help you with anything dealing with communication; an exam, a speech, an essay, a business deal (though I would pair that with Fehu) etc.

Ansuz is the rune of the day for two reasons: One, I've been networking a lot and communicating with other bloggers out there. While I can't tell whether or not people have been visiting and reading my blog, I would assume not because no one has said anything. Granted I haven't looked yet today for the fruits of my labor, but this has at least been applicable so far. The Second reason is that I'm hoping for a call or a letter from my major job prospect at the moment, the USPS. I really need the job, and that one's great, so I'm calling on ansuz to have them call me. Don't want to yank the prospect from anyone else, but the listing was so hard to find its possible I was the only one who applied. Please call me! Call me call me call me! >.<
((This picture of Ansuz is actually a painting you can buy, if you have the money--

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Drawstring Belt Pouch

This is the variety of belt pouch that I have made for when I'm LARPing in Nero. I've discovered quickly that you really can't have too many pouches--I made two for myself and one for my boyfriend, and immediately he asked me for two more! I hope people like this the picture I have a handkerchief, a set of runes, a pendulum, a tealight and some matches in there. Incredibly useful, since my gypsy is a fortune-teller.
Oh! Don't forget, if you test this pattern and have questions or find a mistake, please leave a comment and let me know so I can fix it! Thanks!

Size G/4.25mm hook, Worsted Weight Yarn any color
(I used Caron Simply Soft)
Special Stitches:
FLO=Front Loop Only
NOTE: Do not turn between rows
Ch4, 8dc n first ch. Join
R1: Ch3, dc in same st. *2dc next st.* ea. st. around. Join.
R2: Ch3, dc in same st. 1dc next st. *2dc next st, 1dc next st.* ea. st. around. Join.
R3: Ch3, dc in same st. 1dc next 2 st *2dc next st, 1dc next 2 st.* ea. st. around. Join.
R4: Ch3, dc in same st. 1dc next 3 st *2dc next st, 1dc next 3 st.* ea. st. around. Join.
R5-9: Ch3, dc next st, *1dc* ea. st. around. Join.
R10: Ch3, 1dc next 4 st., 1dc FLO next 6 st, *1dc* ea. st. around. Join.
R11-12: Repeat R5
R13: Ch3, 1dc next st, Ch2, sk next 2 st, 1dc next 3 st, Ch2, sk next 2 st, 1dc FLO next 3 st, Ch2, sk next 2 st, *1dc next 3 st, Ch2, sk next 2 st.* ea. st. around. Join.
R14: Ch3, dc in same st, *2dc* ea. st. around. Join, finish off.
Belt Loop:
Join in one of the loops from the FLO stitches. It doesn't matter whether you start at the top or the bottom, but I prefer to start at the top so I make sure I have all 6 stitches accounted for. Ch3, 6dc across FLO loops. Make three more rows, join by sl st across the other set of FLO loops. You should have four rows for the belt loop. Finish off.
This is as long as you want it to be, there's nothing specific. Just chain your length and then sc back across. Weave through the pouch holes and Ta-Daaah!! You're Done!

Fall Altar

I finally got a way to get pictures on my computer! This is my fall altar, and I'm rather proud of it. Since autumn is my favorite season I always try to go all out decorating my altar. I collect the leaves on Mabon, press them, then deck my altar in its fall colors. I have some loose tobacco that will be coming in that I'm going to be putting in that little wooden goblet you see there as an offering. The mask on the wall is a wonderful little chance find from a traveling merchant that was on campus one day. There is a smoky quartz cluster to the left and my holey stone to the right.
See that pretty glittery altar cloth? I made it. ^_^ I was actually inspired for the pattern from a book called "Goddess Knits!" The pattern in the book is for an Isis Shawl, and I had just picked up a bunch of clearance novelty yarn at a local yarn shop. It worked PERFECTLY, and this has become my favorite altar cloth. Now when I want different colors I go out and get the yarn. ^_^

Rune of the Day

Today's Rune of the Day is Perdho!

Luck be a Lady Tonight! Luck, if you ever were a Lady to begin with, Luck be a Lady Tonight! Perdho is the rune of *drumroll* Luck! Its symbol is literally a dice cup about to be cast. Some people also theorize that this is how runes used to be cast, as opposed to holding them and throwing them on the ground.

Perdho is the Rune of the Day because...I could really, really use some good luck. Today I go take a test to see if I can work for the United States Postal service. I'm really really nervous! I need a job, and this one pays really well, and has great benefits. I don't have either pay or benefits right now, and I could use some.

Not to sound selfish, but anyone reading this, please send me your thoughts, prayers, and/or good energy. Gods know I could use a break.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rune of the Day

Today's Rune of the Day is Uruz

Uruz is the Rune of Strength. The symbol represents the curving
horn of a now-extinct species of wild ox. This wild ox was known for its strength: it could break down fences, destroy property, and if threatened it could easily kill several people.

Uruz is the Rune of the Day because I feel that now is a time that I really need strength in my life. I'm unemployed and have been for some time, and the money problems have slowly and steadily been creeping in. I need strength in my life to keep me going, and to not give up.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Grr...Stupid Camera

Okay. I have ideas for future posts, things I'd like to talk about, etc. The issue is that I can't find a way to take pictures and get them on my computer. My phone has crappy resolution, but apparently I can't text pictures to my email anymore. So I went searching for my boyfriend's digital camera, the components of which have been lost since the move. I found the camera, I found the battery charger, and I even found the cable to connect it to my computer. Took my pictures, thought "Great! This way I might even be able to start posting stuff on my etsy shop!"

So what's the problem? My computer can't find any drivers for the camera. Gaaaah! So I'm left here waiting for my boyfriend to come home and work his computer magick. Hopefully he won't be too fed up from working on computers all day. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Rune of the Day

Today's Rune is Wyrd.

This is the one blank rune; it has no symbol. There is a bit of a controversy surrounding this rune as to whether it should actually be used or not in a rune reading. The argument against using it consists mainly of the fact that this stone isn't a rune--its just blank.

But Wyrd represents Dreams, Fate, the Unknown. It adds an incredibly useful facet to readings, something that isn't really covered by any other stone. It can mean something unexpected, or something one is unaware of. It can mean the Hand of Destiny active in one's life. It can mean past lives or lives yet to come. I've even had this rune represent something that I'm not allowed to know, that was information for the caster only.

Wyrd is the Rune of the Day because the success of this blog is still unknown. Will I be able to keep with it? Will people even read my blog? Only time will tell!

Monday, October 19, 2009

In the Beginning...

Well...howdy all. This shall be my first official blog post. I've never been able to keep up with a journal--ever, in my life, not even an art or writing journal--but, considering the new wheel is upon us, I am determined to try something new. Eh...technically something old that I'm trying to resurrect. And succeed this time. Hopefully.

So then, about me. Because I'm self-absorbed like that. I am a witch, a geek, a crafter, and a lover. Not a fighter. Definitely not. Combat Paralysis--it sucks. And being a Libra to boot, I'm anti-conflict. Unless its all fun and games--then its fun and games.

What kind of witch you ask? I'm a natural witch, with an emphasis in stones, herbs, weather, and some cottage magick. I'm also a bit of a lorekeeper...I study everything. Ask me theory, I've got you covered...practice may be a little more difficult. My method of divination is Norse Runes: Huzzah Futhark! I am proficient enough with this that I can give accurate readings not just to a person, but to a character they are playing.

Which leads me to Geekdom. What kind of geek you ask? D&D, Shadowrun (really, are you surprised? It's a larp that is post-the Veil falls with supertech and extensively researched actual magick), L5R, and Nero. Nero, Nero, Nero. Nero is my new crack and I'm spending my rent money on it. My first LARP, I'm playing a Gypsy Earth Scholar (no religion in the game). I have been researching the Rom like a madwoman. Oh, and WOW. Look for a female Draenai Hunter named Leathra. That's me! ^_^

Now for Craftiness. I am an actor, a painter, a drawer, a sculptor, a writer, a dancer, and a singer. I crochet, knit, sew, do wire-working, beading, and some macrame. I also am looking into learning tatting and leatherworking. Slight interest in embroidery and woodworking. With all this jack-of-all-trades syndrom (None of this master-of-none crap though; I'm actually quite proficient with most of them) is it any surprise that I'm broke? I do so much I can't focus on any of it!

Lastly for the Lover. Well...maybe not. I want to keep this relatively pg after all. ;) Notice I said THE lover. Note the disambiguation. Like most women who grew up in prudish America I have body issues. I have at least recognized most of these, which I suppose is the first step. I also have the most amazing man in my life and he is truly the one I intend to spend the rest of this life with. This is the healthiest relationship I've ever been in and I wouldn't change it for the world. ^_^

So! There's me in a nutshell. Feel free to leave comments, I like meeting new people with similar interests! And sorry if I used a few big words, I'm a recently graduated English major and sometimes have difficulty weeding the complexity out of my monologues.