Monday, October 19, 2009

In the Beginning...

Well...howdy all. This shall be my first official blog post. I've never been able to keep up with a journal--ever, in my life, not even an art or writing journal--but, considering the new wheel is upon us, I am determined to try something new. Eh...technically something old that I'm trying to resurrect. And succeed this time. Hopefully.

So then, about me. Because I'm self-absorbed like that. I am a witch, a geek, a crafter, and a lover. Not a fighter. Definitely not. Combat Paralysis--it sucks. And being a Libra to boot, I'm anti-conflict. Unless its all fun and games--then its fun and games.

What kind of witch you ask? I'm a natural witch, with an emphasis in stones, herbs, weather, and some cottage magick. I'm also a bit of a lorekeeper...I study everything. Ask me theory, I've got you covered...practice may be a little more difficult. My method of divination is Norse Runes: Huzzah Futhark! I am proficient enough with this that I can give accurate readings not just to a person, but to a character they are playing.

Which leads me to Geekdom. What kind of geek you ask? D&D, Shadowrun (really, are you surprised? It's a larp that is post-the Veil falls with supertech and extensively researched actual magick), L5R, and Nero. Nero, Nero, Nero. Nero is my new crack and I'm spending my rent money on it. My first LARP, I'm playing a Gypsy Earth Scholar (no religion in the game). I have been researching the Rom like a madwoman. Oh, and WOW. Look for a female Draenai Hunter named Leathra. That's me! ^_^

Now for Craftiness. I am an actor, a painter, a drawer, a sculptor, a writer, a dancer, and a singer. I crochet, knit, sew, do wire-working, beading, and some macrame. I also am looking into learning tatting and leatherworking. Slight interest in embroidery and woodworking. With all this jack-of-all-trades syndrom (None of this master-of-none crap though; I'm actually quite proficient with most of them) is it any surprise that I'm broke? I do so much I can't focus on any of it!

Lastly for the Lover. Well...maybe not. I want to keep this relatively pg after all. ;) Notice I said THE lover. Note the disambiguation. Like most women who grew up in prudish America I have body issues. I have at least recognized most of these, which I suppose is the first step. I also have the most amazing man in my life and he is truly the one I intend to spend the rest of this life with. This is the healthiest relationship I've ever been in and I wouldn't change it for the world. ^_^

So! There's me in a nutshell. Feel free to leave comments, I like meeting new people with similar interests! And sorry if I used a few big words, I'm a recently graduated English major and sometimes have difficulty weeding the complexity out of my monologues.

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