Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm not dead, I promise!

I just haven't been around as much as I should. One last post before this month's out! I have to tell you, dear readers, I have been OBSESSED with a game I am playing in currently. The system is Seventh Sea, which means that every monday night I am immersed in Swashbuckling and High Adventure like you sea in the old pirate movies--privateers, honor, and taking down enemy ships!

My character is fabulous--really. She is what I do best--rogue sneaky stuff and intel AND performing! I have been loving this game so hard core. My character is just frickin' FUN. Jaded as hell with tons of issues, but characters like that can be incredibly thereaputic. What I enjoy the most about playing her is her policy on life: Life is just a game that we all lose in the end, so you might as well play the way you enjoy most. Not that I endorse that, but its fun to just let all the inhibitions (and on occasion morals) go while you fly free and really enjoy yourself. In this way I can do so without hurting anyone (not a real person at least) in a world of harmless fantasy.

Now, some of you might say 'but you shouldn't even want to let your morals loose, that's bad!' Yeah, well, I'm not a completely good person. I'm honest with that, I accept that, and I continue to be true to my morals when I need to.

Mini-rant over...I wish I could tell you all the so-very-juicy secrets this character has, but unfortunately other members of the party read this blog! So while I want to, I really want to my dear followers, I cannot reveal anything on the off-chance that one of them sees this.

My character's name? Well, I can't tell you that either...her given name is a secret. She's been known to go by over 20 different names though! I will give away one little tidbit: none of the names that she goes by are her real name.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Work-In-Progress Update #6

Happy Belated Litha!!!

So, I'm about halfway through the border pattern--unfortunately, progress has been halted again. I was only able to afford a skein each of the first three colors--black, goldenrod, and olive. White wasn't on that list, and I need just a tiny bit of white before I can get through the border and on to the main design. This means, loyal followers, that I won't be able to continue work until the next paycheck I can spend which is in three weeks. Ah well.

In the meantime I have to work on baby shower items for my cousin. I'm planning a hat, booties, and bib or something. Whipping those up by Sunday should keep me fairly busy...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Work-In-Progress Update #5

I have yarn. I have my chart. I have my needles. And I am frustrated to no end. The beginning row of the interweaving border pattern is being very mean to me, refusing to play nice and go smoothly. I've already redone it twice, only to realize that I need to redo it a third time...on ONE ROW. Grr.

So I've set it down, stepped away and done my Buffy review for my other blog. I don't know if I'll be touching it again tonight, but the break should do me good and I'll be ready to tackle it again later. See what frustration I go through so others can have an easy-to-follow pattern? All for you, yes you, the loyal fans!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Meet us at the Water, June 12

I know I haven't really commented on this much...I'll admit, I was a bit late to jump on the bandwagon. Then when I realized that I couldn't go and volunteer without either purchasing a haz-mat suit or risking my life, and with a job that I need to attend here, that option closed to me.

I have been spreading the word of the movement outside of the blogosphere--as far-reaching as it is, there are plenty of people not connected. Not only have I gotten Pagans in Touch, my local meetup group to join us, but I have also posted about this movement on Omnia's international message boards. There's a chance that the band will post about it on their main site, and that will gain HUGE attention and hopefully a lot more people internationally that will join us.

Keep your fingers crossed and intent hopeful, we may be able to spread the word much further!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Work-in-Progress Update #4

Well, I have finally hit upon a successful border its just a matter of actually copying the pattern with appropriate color to the chart. Since today is a bit of a lazy day I may just do it later. I still have till Friday before I can get yarn...Oooh, I can't wait! I hope I don't end up with a few skeins of sock yarn as well...sock yarn is my addiction. ^_^;;

I'm also hoping that my test swatch will go well--right now my worry is that the colors will bleed too much during the felting process and I'll end up with my white being grey. Won't know until I try!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

First Post Up!!

See my new blog here!:
Read about the new blog in the previous post!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

And Inspiration has Struck

"Oh no" they say "What is she on about this time??" Relax, this isn't nearly as hair-brained as some of my other ideas. Nor is it really as crafty, come to think of it...

However, it is still quite intellectual and artistic! I'm going to be starting a second blog. "Whoa!" they say "That came out of left field! Another blog? A blog about what???" Well if the peanut gallery would shush for a moment, I'll tell you.

Recently I've been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the tv series by Joss Whedon) for the first time. "First time? Seriously?? I've seen it at least 3!" Yes, seriously. And at first I thought it would just have another stereotypical look at the hollywood witch...then Willow started practicing...and I discovered there's much more to this than that. Go Joss Whedon!

As such my second blog will be named The WitchWord, and it will be a review blog of paranormal/witchy cinema. I'll start off going episode by episode through Buffy, critiquing them from a witch's point of view. Specifically, a witch who has been studying the paranormal and supernatural since she was a wee child, so I'll be studying the vamp/demon lore as well as the witchy stuff. From Buffy I"ll move on to the show Supernatural. Those two will keep me busy for quite a while, but we'll see where I go from there.

There will also be some critiquing from cinematographic point of view. C'mon guys, I was an acting major for a few years, you think I could resist that? I still have my theatre minor after all.

Anyways, I'm off to set up the new blog, do an intro post, and then finish season three so I can start back as season one. Come give it a looksee!