Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm not dead, I promise!

I just haven't been around as much as I should. One last post before this month's out! I have to tell you, dear readers, I have been OBSESSED with a game I am playing in currently. The system is Seventh Sea, which means that every monday night I am immersed in Swashbuckling and High Adventure like you sea in the old pirate movies--privateers, honor, and taking down enemy ships!

My character is fabulous--really. She is what I do best--rogue sneaky stuff and intel AND performing! I have been loving this game so hard core. My character is just frickin' FUN. Jaded as hell with tons of issues, but characters like that can be incredibly thereaputic. What I enjoy the most about playing her is her policy on life: Life is just a game that we all lose in the end, so you might as well play the way you enjoy most. Not that I endorse that, but its fun to just let all the inhibitions (and on occasion morals) go while you fly free and really enjoy yourself. In this way I can do so without hurting anyone (not a real person at least) in a world of harmless fantasy.

Now, some of you might say 'but you shouldn't even want to let your morals loose, that's bad!' Yeah, well, I'm not a completely good person. I'm honest with that, I accept that, and I continue to be true to my morals when I need to.

Mini-rant over...I wish I could tell you all the so-very-juicy secrets this character has, but unfortunately other members of the party read this blog! So while I want to, I really want to my dear followers, I cannot reveal anything on the off-chance that one of them sees this.

My character's name? Well, I can't tell you that either...her given name is a secret. She's been known to go by over 20 different names though! I will give away one little tidbit: none of the names that she goes by are her real name.

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