Wednesday, June 2, 2010

And Inspiration has Struck

"Oh no" they say "What is she on about this time??" Relax, this isn't nearly as hair-brained as some of my other ideas. Nor is it really as crafty, come to think of it...

However, it is still quite intellectual and artistic! I'm going to be starting a second blog. "Whoa!" they say "That came out of left field! Another blog? A blog about what???" Well if the peanut gallery would shush for a moment, I'll tell you.

Recently I've been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the tv series by Joss Whedon) for the first time. "First time? Seriously?? I've seen it at least 3!" Yes, seriously. And at first I thought it would just have another stereotypical look at the hollywood witch...then Willow started practicing...and I discovered there's much more to this than that. Go Joss Whedon!

As such my second blog will be named The WitchWord, and it will be a review blog of paranormal/witchy cinema. I'll start off going episode by episode through Buffy, critiquing them from a witch's point of view. Specifically, a witch who has been studying the paranormal and supernatural since she was a wee child, so I'll be studying the vamp/demon lore as well as the witchy stuff. From Buffy I"ll move on to the show Supernatural. Those two will keep me busy for quite a while, but we'll see where I go from there.

There will also be some critiquing from cinematographic point of view. C'mon guys, I was an acting major for a few years, you think I could resist that? I still have my theatre minor after all.

Anyways, I'm off to set up the new blog, do an intro post, and then finish season three so I can start back as season one. Come give it a looksee!

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  1. That sounds really really interesting and is definitely something I would read regularly. Having never really watched Buffy or Supernatural, I would be inclined to watch them and then read your reviews of the episodes.

    Good luck starting it up! :)


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