Monday, May 24, 2010

Work-in-Progress Update #3

(Sorry its sideways. I might flip it later.) Well, the most time-consuming yet easy part is over. Now the hard part (that being the border) begins. At least in this phase of production--once I have the yarn its a totally different story. That printed tracing paper is coming quite in handy.
Yes, that was printer ink I was talking about before--boy do I WISH I actually had a tattoo! I've had one planned for years, its just a matter of money.

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  1. As a knitter and fellow lover of Omnia, I have to say: that is FREAKING AWESOME, and I commend your dedication and patience in charting that out, I imagine it will look superb once knit.

    This of course reminds me that I have cross stitch and needlepoint projects queued up and waiting to be charted, and I should probably get on that sometime. Maybe it will rain one day and I will have an excuse. :)

    Again, it looks absolutely gorgeous!


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