Thursday, May 6, 2010

Work-in-Progress...The Beginning

I have determined to pick up a new fact, it is to be the first knitting project I have ever created (besides simple bags and whatnot...). I am creating a wall hanging of the band Omnia's logo.

Now if you don't know what Omnia is, its only the best pagan band evar! Seriously, go check them out . They allow you to download several of their songs right from the site, including the masterpieces they have put to music such as The Raven (Poe), Jabberwocky (Lewis Carroll), and Witches' Brew (the spell from Macbeth).

I have determined that as this is to be a somewhat lengthy project, I shall be posting in progress pictures as it slowly creeps along.

The first step is to blow up this image, clean it up, and get ready to trace into knitting grids. Yes, I have none of the technology that would make this infinitely easier, so old-fashioned method it is. And yes, the logo does include a triskelle and a crescent moon superimposed over a Chaos Star.

Hmm...Not too shabby. Now the sad part is that the graph paper I have is a) a perfect square, which is not what you want for a knitting grid and b) not nearly see through enough to trace with. Hmph. Suggestions anyone? Find tracing paper, print the appropriate grid on it, and use that you say? Hmm...its a thought. Anyone else in the peanut gallery?

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