Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Beltaine!

I don't know how it happened, but I managed to spend yet another Sabbat at Nero (larp). This was the National event, with people traveling from Texas, California, New York, get the idea. How far did I have to travel, you ask? 1 1/2 hours. Yup, the National event was held here in humble *snort* little Illinois. Convenient, and I appreciated it. While I wasn't able to celebrate Beltaine with my man yet ;) I did spend a good deal of Saturday doing rune readings. And making a killing off of them! Nero actually mints its own coin, and I made at least 60 gold--quite impressive, really, especially for someone who's only been playing since August.

Business was slow for this humble *snortguffawcoughcough* gypsy at first, but once I managed to get two readings under my belt word spread like wildfire and I was practically booked for the rest of the day! Murmurs spread of the gypsy fortuneteller who was 'scary good'...everyone had to see for themselves. I charged five gold per reading (pretty cheap actually...gypsies usually employ themselves with massages and charge 10 gp), but the trend soon took hold that if I did a good job people tipped me five extra! I did NOT start this, I swear...all it took was one Noble who was really thankful for her reading, and it was an avalanche effect! I was consistently making the five extra too...even with those few skeptics who made derogatory remarks on how my runes helped me to 'guess'.

But boy, I have to tell you I was wiped after that. I passed out by midnight and missed meeting the Great Sage Dragon. :(

No, it wasn't the most traditional Beltaine. I didn't light incense and hold a ritual and *ahem* ensure a good crop the traditional way. But really, I had a day full of fire, energy, adventure, and plying my craft. What more could I ask for? It may be non-traditional, but it sure as hell works.

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  1. Well done, it sounds like you made a wonderful impression at the festival :o)


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