Sunday, July 25, 2010

Practical Magic: Gillian's Necklace

"Where's my tigerseye? No, I need my tigerseye, it means good luck. No, no, I gotta get my tigerseye!" --Gillian, Practical Magic

As I understand it at one time Gillian's necklace was actually manufactured and sold. Despite this, I have never been able to find an accurate representation of Gillian's Tigerseye necklace.

I once spent an entire afternoon replaying the few scenes the necklace is visible, pausing and staring at the necklace in hopes of divining what exactly it looks like. This is what I've determined so far:

The tigerseye is carved into either a sphere or a rounded point. It is situated below a single-terminated clear quartz point. The crystal is pointed upwards towards the wearer. I cannot determine whether the metal was composed of gold or silver, lighting is too tinted to determine pure color. Considering Gillian's personality my bet is on the gold (more firey).

There is metal trailing across the surface of the crystal in some sort of pattern...I've never been able to determine what exactly it is. Instinct says something asian, either a tiger or chinese dragon. It could also be a vine pattern.

Magickal properties of this necklace: Traditionally with this stone's color of brown/yellow indicates that it is a grounding earthy stone as well as having some draw in the the mental sphere. The colorplay suggests that it would do well for divination as well. I've always thought of tigerseye as a very sensual stone, likely due to the tiger associations. Some other added magical properties of this stone are courage, energy, and luck. Tiger's eye is ruled by the Sun. Holding it in your hands can promote courage and confidence whenever you need it.

I find the fact that there are no images on the internet of this necklace remarkable, by the way. You'd think with such a popular movie that there would at least be an image...there are plenty of images of Jimmy's ring after all! Grr...

Friday, July 23, 2010

It's a Practical Magic Blog Party!!

Yes, that's right: a blog party for Practical Magic, the book or the movie! And its September 25th, the day before my birthday...what a lovely birthday present!

The lovely ladies Anna from Frosted Petunias and Justina from La Boheme Magique are hosting this amazing blog party--in fact Justina made a post on her blog on how the Universe kept giving her nudges in this's more than a coincidence!

I don't know about my blog followers who may or may not be reading my blog anymore, but I simply adore the movie. I don't really know any pagans who don't...everyone I've met has said "I wish magick worked like that in real life!" I'm with them, honestly. I'd love to light candles by blowing on them, have my spoon keep stirring my tea for me...

I've not read the book, but as I understand it the movie and book are quite different. Both are good in their own right, just not terribly the same. The magick in the book seems to be even more subtle than in the movie.

A closer match to the movie, honestly, would be the book Garden Spells. I spent my workbreaks reading excerpts of it on Amazon...I need this book now.

In any case, I'm already busy writing posts on Practical Magic for the blog party--y'all just won't be able to read any of them until the 25th! I know, I know, I'm horrible.

Anyways, the button is on my side bar, but I shall include a link here:

Well, what are you waiting for? Go check it out!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I can't resist...

Alright! I give in! As much as I wanted to try and keep only my own posts on here, I can't help but advertise a simply marvelous giveaway! I know I know, I'm a total slut when it comes to blogging for extra contest entries!

This incredibly generous 3-in-1 giveaway (or is that 1-in-3? Hm...) is being hosted by Mother Moon's (( Dear readers I cannot hope to tell you all of the wonderful things that are being included in this giveaway; I can only recommend that you go check it out yourself! Good luck!

I am absolutely drooling over the 'mind' giveaway, by the way.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Look, and a Question we like? Hm? It's quite a bit darker, but I do like the mystery-feel. The mystique. The music I have on my page really does enhance viewing, so I'd recommend giving it a play. ;) Blackmore's Night and Omnia--how can you go wrong? I'm just sad that the music site didn't have Niiv or Dance Till we Die available...then again, those are both new songs so it's understandable.

I've gotten back into reading again--picked up one of the paranormal romances I own. I also got back into WoW, so we'll see how that goes. I've never really been addicted to it--to the point where I rearrange my real life around the game--but I can be a bit obsessive at times. I don't think that should be a problem for now, or certainly not until the next expansion comes out.

I've also felt the pull to be more magickally active lately, but for some reason I'm just not. Well, what would I really do a spell for anyways? I'm one of those types that if I can accomplish it without the use of magick I do. A love spell? I've already got my true love. Money? Well, while I could always use more money I don't NEED more money--I'm getting by as is. Maybe not terribly comfortably, but its not something I feel I really need to use magick to improve.

Hmm...I could do a spell to bring a cat into my life. Money's just the issue. If I want a pet at all that's an additional $500 deposit on the apartment, then getting the cat (from a shelter of course), whatever shots and whatnot that they need, food, toys...right now what with car repairs and everything, a cat just doesn't seem possible. THAT is something I would consider using magick for--helping it become a possibility.

I don't know. I'm just not really the type to do spells, because most often than not I rationalize that I don't NEED magick to accomplish whatever the issue is. Really, what would I need a spell for anyways?
...and that's just a regurgitation of what I've already said. *sigh*

What do people out there use spells for? Anyone practice magick regularly? Why, and for what?...if you don't mind me asking. I just have difficulty understanding. There's not much in my life that requires magick, so I don't use it. Why do you?