Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sorry I haven't touched in in a bit...

This is just a quick update. I do intend to come back and do several posts...hopefully I actually get to them...and I need to redo my theme....but well. We'll see what happens.

Financially we've stabilized for the most part...unexpected expenses keep cropping up (like the $240 medical bill for when I cut my foot open back in september >_<) but now that we've budgeted everything we can account for it looks like we should be able to scrape by this month...and hopefully be able to stand back up next month. I really want to thank you all. I know I can't thank you enough, but for everyone who has reached out, I really, truly appreciate it. Thank you.

Blessings, one and all.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Please light a candle...

I'm sorry, I don't usually ask for help, but I was wondering if y'all could keep me in your thoughts.  Light a candle, spare a little energy if you can...but I'm in a bit of financial trouble.  We recently *read: about a month ago* switched phone services and each got a smart phone.  It was a little pricey, but just stretching a bit we were able to afford it.  Then we were slammed with totally unexpected car repairs.  Then due to a mistake (not on my part that I was unaware of for several days) my account was overdrawn and I got slammed with three insufficient funds charges ('cause my bank is a dick and wouldn't reject my card so they could charge me more).  All in all we've had to soak about $600-700.  Rent is due at the end of the week, we still have bills from last month to pay as well as this month's bills, and my guy's student loan bills kick in this month.  My next paycheck is on the 10th.  Christmas is this month.
We are officially at the oh-shit-we-can't-afford-ramen point.  I'm not asking for money, I'm just asking you to spare a thought.  That's all.  I wouldn't even ask if I weren't at the end of my rope.  I know that likely only a few people will even read this, but if you could, I'd appreciate it.
I plan to borrow eggs ('cause I can't afford them) from friends and whip up a batch of prosperity cookies (that is, the cookie recipe Wendy posted over at Year of the Cats--those spices all have the property of prosperity in common), which I will then be leaving as an offering, one a day, until they run out--in addition to any other prosperity spells I do.
By the by, does anyone know a kick-ass emergency prosperity spell?
((PS--To my little sister, if she reads this, don't you DARE tell mom and dad!  1) I want them to hear it from me if I have to tell them at all 2) I'm only going to go to them for help as a very last resort.  Don't worry, we'll still have you for x-mas vacation.  We'll figure it out somehow.))
((PPS-- To the winners of my bindrune giveaway, I'm afraid that I won't be able to ship out your rune for a little while...not until I can afford shipping at least.  I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, and will endeavor to get them out as soon as possible))