Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Altar

I finally got a way to get pictures on my computer! This is my fall altar, and I'm rather proud of it. Since autumn is my favorite season I always try to go all out decorating my altar. I collect the leaves on Mabon, press them, then deck my altar in its fall colors. I have some loose tobacco that will be coming in that I'm going to be putting in that little wooden goblet you see there as an offering. The mask on the wall is a wonderful little chance find from a traveling merchant that was on campus one day. There is a smoky quartz cluster to the left and my holey stone to the right.
See that pretty glittery altar cloth? I made it. ^_^ I was actually inspired for the pattern from a book called "Goddess Knits!" The pattern in the book is for an Isis Shawl, and I had just picked up a bunch of clearance novelty yarn at a local yarn shop. It worked PERFECTLY, and this has become my favorite altar cloth. Now when I want different colors I go out and get the yarn. ^_^

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