Monday, October 26, 2009

Great Concept!

Yesterday The Domestic Witch made a post about one's Tarot Card of the Year. I won't completely repost it--you'll have to head over to her blog to check it out!

Looking at options, I think using one's birthday to calculate it is the best way to go--that way its personalized. You take your birth day and month, and then the current year, and add it all up. 9+26+2009=2044. Then, like in numerology, add each digit of your total--2+0+4+4=10. If your total is 1 through 22, you're golden. If its 26 or something, then add 2+6=8, and there you go.

My number is 10, which is the Wheel of Fortune, or in my deck its "The Sun Wheel".

I really hope this means a fortuitous year. I'm not going to rely on it--that would be rather foolish--but it seems hopeful. I'm just coming out of the Hermit, and it was not an easy year. I brought the hardship upon myself intentionally, because I had never experienced it before and needed to learn from it. Not that I specifically did something stupid, but more like I refuse to go to my parents to 'bail me out'. I have to experience what its like just starting out. And yeah, its hard. But I need to figure out how to keep going. After a year of hardship, it'd be nice to have some relief.


  1. I really like this idea too. I also went to a reading with a woman who used my year number to give me a numerological reading. Very interesting!

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