Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rune of the Day

Today's Rune is Wyrd.

This is the one blank rune; it has no symbol. There is a bit of a controversy surrounding this rune as to whether it should actually be used or not in a rune reading. The argument against using it consists mainly of the fact that this stone isn't a rune--its just blank.

But Wyrd represents Dreams, Fate, the Unknown. It adds an incredibly useful facet to readings, something that isn't really covered by any other stone. It can mean something unexpected, or something one is unaware of. It can mean the Hand of Destiny active in one's life. It can mean past lives or lives yet to come. I've even had this rune represent something that I'm not allowed to know, that was information for the caster only.

Wyrd is the Rune of the Day because the success of this blog is still unknown. Will I be able to keep with it? Will people even read my blog? Only time will tell!

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