Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh Snap Batman! Its the Knit Signal!

I'm forwarding this email I got from my knitting group:

The Yarn Harlot put up "the knit signal" (like the bat signal, but with needles on it) on her blog on the 13th to help raise money for Doctor's Without Borders in Haiti. In six days knitters have sent HALF A MILLION dollars to Doctors without Borders and posted to the blog so Steph could update the total. She's been posting about it on her blog.

That amount is now around 800 thousand.  I haven't really posted about relief for Haiti...while I'm in a better place now than I was when I started this blog, money is still a concern.  BUT, as this is a really good cause, I've donated the money I was saving to go see Avatar again.  Y'all KNOW how fanatical I've been about that movie.  It would have been my fifth time seeing it, second in 3-D...*sigh*  This is a better cause.  I can wait till it comes out on dvd...I guess... 
As you've probably already heard, Haiti suffered a 6.1 aftershock this morning.  What wasn't trashed before is now.  I'm calling all knitters, crafters, and people who wish they were crafty.  Check out Stephanie's blog (link above) and scroll down 'till you see the knit signal.  Make sure you read her whole post; she makes a very specific request in there.  If you'd like to see how much money the crafting community has mustered, the total is at the bottom of this link:
Please at least take the time to read her post!


I love hearing from people! ^_^