Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Labor Day weekend

It was fantastic! The first vacation I've ever had while working full time. I went with my boyfriend up North--that is, to Birchwood, WI. My family has spent their summers there since before I can remember, and this time I was able to drag the guy along with me. He went expecting a stressful weekend with the almost-in-laws...he ended up having a great time! Says he would like to return at least once a summer, and you know that makes me jump for joy. Summer just isn't summer without tubing on the Lake and campfires with s'mores and driving to Hayward to spend a day in that tourist trap. So I got to have a small summer--with the trees already turning for fall. Lol. Still, it was a balm to my soul (I haven't been up in a couple years!). To the left you can see one of the ways I will spend my days up there.


  1. What a nice way to see Summer out! Glad you had a great time!

  2. I have not visited your blog before.. so it was nice to stay and browse, I will be back for sure.. and what a truly beautiful photo..

  3. Are you the beautiful girl in the picture?If so, may i say you have great hair. I love long hair and i gave myself a bad haircut a month ago and i miss my long hair terribly. Do you have any special "crafty" tips?
    Love and light.

  4. @greekwitch
    Lol, yes, that's me. Thank you! When it comes to haircuts I find its always tremendously helpful to have someone else working on it--they can see more of your head than you! Even if it's just a friend.

    As for a crafty solution for missing long hair...Well, accessories are always fun. Try a headband/scarf with long trailing ends--it gives you something long to play with, and you can have a lot of fun with pattern/color! Or possibly doing a hair-wrapping that goes down past the lengthy of your hair...there are also some accessories that will coil around some strands of your hair, I find them fun to play with and a gorgeous accent!


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