Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rune of the Day

Today's Rune of the Day is Naudhiz

Naudhiz is the rune of trials and tribulations. It is hardships and challenges. Unlike Hagalaz there is no included positive follow-up, and as such I usually find this to be an unhappy rune. Like the Tower card in tarot. I was told that the symbol was supposed to be the cross--the Roman torture device. I don't know if the Romans were occupying Norse lands when the runes came to be, I think it would be quite interesting to find out.

Naudhiz is the rune of the day because I have been so frantic and busy! I have a temporary job for the next two weeks, with the possibility of them actually hiring me. Normally a good thing, right? I've been really stressing about it because of who I'm working for. I won't mention the name here, but suffice it to say that they are a company that deals in calling in people's debts. Thank goodness I'm not in the call center--instead, I have to file bankruptcy checks. Joy. Not that horrible, but when you start thinking about it...its not that great either. But its a job, and I'm not going to look a gifthorse in the mouth. In the meantime I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for that USPS's hoping!

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  1. I love your information on runes! Thank you so much for sharing, I'm always looking for deeper rune interpretations. I have just started a new online zine/blog for the magickally craft and spiritually minded. I would love for you to consider submitting an article, a "how-to-activity," or artwork. I look forward to keeping up with your blog, and hope you stay in touch with The Lunar Gazette!


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