Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rune of the Day

Today's Rune of the Day is Mannaz

Mannaz is the rune of self, of independance. Occluded it can mean that you are being standoffish, or that alone you will fall. It can also signify a point where you need to withdraw from others. The symbol of mannaz represents a person standing with feet shoulder-width apart and arms crossed.

Mannaz is the rune of the day because that's what I feel like today. I feel strong and independant. I feel like I have control, which is not usually the case. I think today I'm going to be leaving the house and going somewhere. Maybe I'll go out to lunch. Who knows? But I feel like I have power today. It feels very nice. Like I can actually breathe, inhale fully. I wonder what this day portends?

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