Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Paganism in the Workplace

Sitting here stealing moments to write this while in the office, I was wondering how other people deal with being pagan in the workplace.  Granted I understand that it doesn't normally come up, but when it does what do you do?  Do you lie, or do you come out with it? 

A friend of mine is fully out of the broomcloset at work, and her co-workers think its great.  They have her 'hex' other co-workers for laughs (there is no actual hexxing going on, its just to freak the person out), and its all in fun.  While I haven't been here nearly long enough for something like that, I was wondering if at some point everyone would be comfortable enough that I could actually put up my mini travelling altar.  When I say mini I mean mini, its in an altoid tin and fits in my purse (I'll post pics later).  We're free to decorate cubicles here (yes I have a cubicle) and we're allowed to decorate them in any way we wish. 

What spurred this in the first place is I was wondering if I could have a little 'spell a day' desk calender.  I could also do a crochet pattern a day desk calender...but the thought is what started it.  What are your thoughts?


  1. I use my Altoids tin for holding medicinal herb. But that's a great idea for an altar. I'd go for it.

  2. I tend to be a bit on the reclusive side at work, and I don't really talk about much of anything concerning my personal life, and definitely not my spirituality. I'm not sure where I learned to be that way, but it seems to keep things less complicated in the work place for sure. Not that I think everyone should be that way - you have to do what is right for you. I'd say you don't have to make a big deal of it at all. If you'd like to put up your altoid tin altar, I'd go for it and then if anyone asks, it's a good segue into discussion. Maybe it will help you and others feel more comfortable about things at work. =)

  3. I always had my Witches' Calendar at work, at least during my last job. Not so much when I was in the Marine Corps, but that was due to uniformity. I've been lucky. Every where I've worked people had received my beliefs rather nicely and with curiosity; well, most of them. There was an incidents with a professor when I worked as a research assistant at a university, but he wasn't part of my department so I didn't have to deal with it.

    I guess the decision is very personal. I have a friend who told me that I was brave to wear my pentacle so openly. I told her, I'm not brave, I like when people stare--love when they ask. This allows me the chance to set the record straight. There are times when things get really ugly though, so bring your altar, your calendar... ONLY if you are ready to deal with the good, the bad, and the ignorant.

  4. Thank you all for your thoughtful feedback. It is wonderful to hear your thoughts, and I greatly appreciate it. It will be some time before I actually start bringing things into the workplace (when I know I have the job for sure for example). Until then I shall be pondering greatly and observing closely--testing the waters, as it were.


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