Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Waaaah! Pagan Pride Day is this Saturday!

I'm so nervous! The list of what is yet to be done isn't too long, but I'm still super anxious...I've never been to a Pagan Pride Day event before, let alone help run one, so I'm really hoping we can get everything done!

What? Context? Oh! The group that I am discussion organizer for, Pagans in Touch, runs its own little Pagan Pride Day for our area. Last year we had one semi-official PPD--the Peoria PPD decided to disappear a few months before the event so we tried to pick up the ball with a cursory glance from the National organization. 3-4 months to plan and maybe a hundred dollars to use...we did what we could, but it wasn't stellar. I wasn't even able to be there, 1) because it was on my birthday and 2) because my cousin decided to have her wedding on my birthday! Waaah....

Well, this year I'll actually be able to participate in our own little PPD. No vendors, no drumming circle, in a little park just off of ISU campus...but more planning, more organization, and a bit of money actually saved up!
We have a meditation labyrinth, several talks and demonstrations (two of which by yours truly!), a kid's station with aura fluffing, glitter blessings, coloring books, and face painting...a divination table, an information table...and food donations to go to the Midwest Food Bank (because they're the only charitable organization in the area that doesn't mind that we're a bunch of pagans)!

Pagan Pride Day, Oct. 9th, Anderson Park, Normal IL, http://www.pagansintouch.com/ppd/index.html

((Apparently last year other local groups thought we did an abysmal job and didn't enjoy themselves. Said we dishonored the national organization and couldn't possibly compare to CHICAGO'S PPD. Chicago? We're a handful people who had a few months and about a hundred bucks to pull everything together, and you're snubbing us because we can't compare to CHICAGO???))


  1. Wonderful...Enjoy this special event...be proud of what you create..those with a deeply true sense of spirituality will appreciate any effort and will have gratitude for the spirit of it all! Shine on..sparkle..sounds like it will be lovely! I would go if I lived there! hugs!you are wonderful!

  2. Would love to be able to come. It sounds like you all are doing a wonderful (even if stressful) job at putting it together. I agree with Kiki... the gathering is about the spirituality of comming together to celebrate. It's not a competition. I hope that your day will be full of sharring and carring.

  3. Oh, I wish I lived closer so I could walk with all of you. I know they have the parades around here, but it's more fun when you with a friend. I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventure :)

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