Friday, October 29, 2010

Hey! That was unexpected!

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So today was halloween costume day at work.  I went in my 'gypsy' getup.  Apparently there was a costume contest, and I got third place!  Woot, $10 I didn't have before!  Yay!

Here's my costume...well, for the most part.  This is my garb for the larp I go to, Nero.  This is my character Jacylinn!


  1. Oh Leathra, you look so pretty! Did you make up a story for your character? And money is always nice to receive esp. when it involves a little magick here and there. Esp. nice around Samhain! Congrats. :)

  2. Great costume, love the pipe!

  3. Fab costume! My how I wish i knew you in the 'real' world!

    ... I can't qualify for your new give away either lol! I'm only on facebook :(

    I hope you get tonnes of entries real soon though - I'm amazed you haven't already!!

    Nellie x

  4. Nellie, you already posted about my giveaway on your blog! That counts. ^_^


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