Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's my Fall altar!

Isn't it gorgeous?  Up front we have my wand, to the right are my herb bottles, my black mirror, and my cauldron, to the left we have a small chest full of divination tool and a black smoky quartz cluster, and in the center we have a 'crystal' ball (prolly just glass--it's from that scrying kit you can get in a bookstore) and the newest edition to my altar items--
Isn't this fellow gorgeous?  Sorry the pic is a little blurry, those are the Futhark spiraling and running across the bone.  According to my dad, the great outdoorsman, this is a raccoon skull.  I found it in some high grass by the side of a trail while I was out exploring this past summer, already cleaned by nature.  I let it sun-bleach a bit, cleansed it, and now we have this!

My divination box (again, sorry it's blurry!)  I have two tarot decks, three rune sets, and two pendulums in there!  The only reason there aren't FOUR rune sets in there is 'cause one of them is still with the PPD stuff over at Brigid's.  ^_^;

Have a wonderful day!


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