Sunday, October 31, 2010

Results of the Samhain swap!

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What a wonderful thing!  I'm so glad that I was able to participate in the Samhain swap, hosted by Faerwillow over at ~serendipity~ (  The premise was to gift 3 (or more) things to the person you were paired up with, and then on Halloween we would all open our packages!

I was paired with onreeones from One Day at a Time (, and boy is she one generous lady!  What makes me really sad is that I can't find my camera charger, because I want to show you all what I got!  They're soooo beautiful!  For now I shall have to be content describing it all for you, but I shall be going on a hunt for the charger and as soon as I find it you can bet pictures will be posted!

When I first opened the box I was greeted with an explosion of color!  Pretty colored tissues everywhere, hurray!  Then something dark caught my eye, and subsequently my breath, because the most beautiful black-orange-silver flowered/ribboned barrette caught my eye.  How perfect for Halloween!  And right beneath it the most beautiful metal ornament halloween witch, so glittery!  (she must have realized I'm a bit of a magpie, lol!  I love sparkly!)

Next I discovered the most beautiful little autumnal wreath, with dried apples (they smell like apples and cinnamon and nutmeg, yum!) and fall colored/themed ribbons, so beautiful!  I'm trying to figure out just where to put it up...

But the last two, oh, they really made me catch my breath.  The most exquisite fall leaf-styled dish (which is now serving up my recently roasted pumpkin seeds!) and two absolutely gorgeous fall-leafy pieces of jewelry.  I wasn't sure at first if they were necklaces or bracelets, but decided they were both!  I'm wearing one as a choker and the other as a bracelet as I write this, and I really wish you could see them because they are sooooo beautiful!!!  The colors are all red and gold and brown, with some of the most fun beads!!  Little brown leaf-shaped beads with golden veining, read beads with a design on them that look like paint splatters, shiny gold beads and bumpy bronze beads.....GORGEOUS!!!!!

I can't wait to show you!  Onreeone, thank you so much!!!!  I hope you like your package too!

Happy Halloween/Samhain, one and all!!


  1. think I am officially hooked on the swaps... I love opening surprises like that... by the way... you were chosen the winner of my giveaway congrats... email me your info and I will get your package right out to you

  2. ~good morning my friend...thank you so for joining along and for mentioning it here...i am delighted to know you gifts came and you were able to celebrate the day in such a beautiful manner...i do look forward to seeing your pics...wishing you well and brightest blessings always be with you~


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