Saturday, October 9, 2010

It was Eventful!

Pagan Pride Day, for the most part, rocked!! I have some pictures that I managed to take, though they won't be uploaded until tomorrow most likely. Unfortunately I only have pictures from setup...didn't manage to get any during the event.

Guess what?? We had 35 people come through!! It was fantastic, way more than last year! What's more, 15 of those people weren't group members--they were local non-affiliated pagans! Squeeeeeee!

We started setup around 7:30 and were ready by noon! Since I would be doing rune readings all day I had to show off my new divinatory tool--3 eight-sided rune dice! I decided to do a quick little reading for how the day would go. Comraderie, good...insight and learning, even better...and...hardship? Bwah??? Why on earth would we have hardship? I know that there might be protesters, but....

Well, I found out what the hardship was maybe ten minutes before the event started--I sliced my foot open on a metal hook we were using for the meditation labyrinth. Fun! So I got driven to the hospital and spent most of my day waiting for the stitches...of which I now have three in the bottom of my left foot. Yay!

I got back just in time to do my lecture/demonstration (practical magic and bindrunes, respectively) and I did manage to give two readings. Unfortunately it was my LEFT foot that was injured, and its my RIGHT ankle that is bad. So, I'm pretty much a gimp. Keeping weight off the injured foot puts a lot of strain on my bad ankle, so I can't do long stretches of standing and I had to be carried to and from the parking lot to the park where PPD was. *sigh* My first PPD, and I miss most of it. Ah well, I managed to make it for what counted, I just wish I could have experienced all of it! (Even better, I wish one of these years I could make it to a big PPD, or some big pagan festival in general! The closest I get around here are renn faires...)


  1. Glad the event turned out well. Sorry about your foot...hope it feels better soon.

    Blessed Be,

  2. Yikes about your foot! Glad you got stiched up in time to give your talks. And happy the day went well otherwise!


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