Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Recruitment Begins!!!


I have successfully recruited a good friend of mine to Submit! and create a pagan/writing/whatever-the-hell-he-feels-like-at-the-moment blog!!!

My dastardly plan to induct my pagan friends into the Blogosphere is working! Working I tell you! Bwahahaha!!

...Yes, I have had quite a bit of sugar. As he has literally just posted his first post and doesn't even have a button yet, here is his blog:


  1. Ah yes, a little arm twisting and my inner writer jumped out and throttled me. Now I am here and I believe it was a really good idea. Bare with me, though, for I am a terrible speller (As Leathra likes to poke fun at me for). I will put my sledgehammer opinions out here and there but be warned... I am not the most politically correct individual I know.

  2. I for one am excited to read the inner ramblings and non-politically correct thoughts of your friends... And the funnest thing is getting someone who disdains blogging to join the blogosphere... as I did with my boyfriend! Anyway, good luck to getting more friends to join us.... :D

  3. Good for you! Not only will this help his creativity and open himself to communication with a large audience, you're helping to induct himself into the new millennium:).

    As far as "Drinking the Kool-Aid" (Jim Jones reference), this is good stuff to drink...

  4. What a super idea. I wish I could read them all.


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