Monday, December 14, 2009

I lost a follower?

*Puzzled* I have gone from 36 to 35 followers. Yes, I'm a dork, I do check out who follows me. Every time I get a new follower I make sure to check their blog(s), if they have any and if they're not blocked. Blocked blogs make me sad. :(

In any case, this puzzling loss has me wondering--why? Not that I'm being conceited, but I want to know what, if anything, I've done wrong. Have I been offending people? I try to be mindfull of all walks of life and strive to avoid offending. Granted I will speak my mind openly, but with consideration.

I suppose what I should really ask is what can I do to improve? My life has been quite...drained recently what with learning to work 40 hrs and I haven't been crafting as much as a result, but I do have a pattern I will be posting when I get the chance as well as some crafts I'm making for friends and family. Unfortunately I won't be able to post those until after yule/christmas, as I don't know who of my friends actually reads my blog.

Perhaps I'm not being...magickal enough? I no longer do a rune of the day 1) because I've gone through the runes and 2) because I just don't have the time anymore. Instead I'm trying to do a tarot card of the week. I don't really know the tarot as I do the runes. Is this a drawback? I am attempting to learn the tarot cards as I post them, and as such will not have as much insight or remembered trivia.

Frankly, while I greatly appreciate all feedback and will take it into consideration, I will continue to do things here as I see fit. That doesn't mean that I will continue unchanged, but rather I will pick what advice I choose to follow. As much as I love all of my followers, this blog comes from my soul and will never grow into anything that does not reflect that.

*sigh* It seems I'm living up to my 'name' yet again--being a dramaqueen. My initials spell HAM, and I have been hamming it up since I was very young. I apologize if I'm making this all way too big of a deal. Mountain out of a molehill? Possibly. I still want to know if I did something to chase people away. It will keep nagging at me, unfortunately. This isn't a popularity contest--I'm honestly concerned. What do you all think? Negatives? Positives? Don't spare my feelings. I look forward to hearing feedback!


  1. Oh sweetheart...don't take it to heart...sometimes folks stop following because they just don't connect with people in the same way any more.
    It's nothing to worry's a fact of life in The Land Of Blog...we come we go...just don't let it worry you.

    And don't think that you have to "perform" in a certain way to keep your followers should be free to blog as and when you choose...and with whatever content you choose!

    If someone has left...then that was their choice...
    You have a lovely blog...and I love to visit you...not that that is any recommendation though...ha ha...I bet you wish it was me that left don't you!

    Don't let it get you down...
    Blog whatever you doesn't always have to be witchy/technical/crafty/anything interesting/ just needs to be your's your blog...enjoy it...and let them miss out on it!

  2. Celia, of course I like having you around! I wouldn't visit your blog if I didn't enjoy it, and I enjoy you visiting mine just as much! Thank you very much for your kind words, Madame Head Witch! ;)

  3. I'm really new, so I can't really speak to what you should improve. I wanted to mention- I (and a lot of others here) wouldn't have opted to follow you if we thought you were lacking!

    So I guess this is just a message of support from someone who doesn't really know you/your blog but wants to hear what you have to say :)

  4. Well, you just gained a follower who thinks you are as magical as the come my Wicked Darling. We all lose followers every now and then, most times our performance as blogger friends had little to do with it, so don't sweat the small stuff. Keep being your Witchy self and let the rest of us enjoy your magic ;)

  5. hello!My name is Carly and I am now following your blog!=)
    I can relate to what you're saying.Life is so busy and we blog when we can.So followers may quit,but new ones may come long !
    I have 19 followers but people rarely comment unless it's part of a meme.I keep blogging though because I enjoy it and it's nice to look back at entries.
    i look forward to your posts and to getting to know ya!
    Blessed be sister!

  6. Awww! I don't think it's your fault. Maybe the person just decided to follow you another way? Or maybe they just didn't have time to blog anymore? Regardless, I'm sure it has nothing to do with you and you shouldn't be insulted! I follow you through good ol' fashion bookmarking so you didn't even know I was one among your flock! ;-)

  7. Hi! I've been reading you for a while though I only recently started following you. I don't think you "did" anything, though I will be the first to say, your style may just...not suit all. That's OK.
    I am a Christian, but I've always said that if I just did not have this DEEP call from Christ, I would have to be pagan. It's always been 'in' me, it seeks me out. A..shall we say 'tone' in a remark of yours recently left me a little...miffed? I think even that is too strong of a term to apply. I can't even remember what it was...something about Christians mainly having a problem with someone or something? I dunno...see I can't even totally remember, that's how badly it DIDN'T bother me, lol...I just think if it was a Christian who followed you and then left the tone, or implied meaning could have been a little hurtful? Just a though, since that was something that stood out to me.
    Regardless, we are all different. I love your blog (in fact your button is on MY blog) and I think you should not worry too much about it.

  8. This may be a done issue for you but I like your blog. I just started mine three or two weeks ago and i have four(yes I count them) four followers,I guess i am self centered because I needed a public outlet to express this next year of my life and to improve my typing skills... lol! I hope you enjoy your site and I know I will enjoy learning what ever it is you choose to share!


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