Saturday, December 19, 2009

I See You: A Call

Hello my pagan dearlings: I would like to share something with you.
I have just returned from a movie that was exactly what many of us need in our lives right now: a message of hope.

The movie that I saw was James Cameron's Avatar.

You may have heard mentions, you may even know the basic plotline. Those spiffy movie-goers out there who do their research will know that the major critique for it is that it is "Dances with Wolves", but with aliens instead of Indians. Well, that is entirely true--but it is so much more.

Imagine if the makers of "Dances with Wolves" had put the spirituality aspect under a magnifying glass...then imagine that the spirituality aspect was scientifically verifiable. That would be a bit closer to what you get.

The white-skinned dicks have done it again--they're raping another indiginous people. This just happens to be another planet we're attempting to colonize. No, not even colonize: we just want to rape Mother Pandora (the name of the planet--yeah, I love it too. XD), strip her bare and mine the life out of her. This is headed by the businessmen, the corporations back on earth. No mother there--by this point in human evolution humans have killed their planet.

My dear ones, my heart aches because I cannot explain in detail just why this movie is so wonderful--it would ruin the anticipation. But I support this movie. I support it so much that I will see it again, and again after that. Many of you know I'm really hurting for money--but I will scrape what I can together just to experience this again. It is entirely beautiful.

The movie does show a bit of trying to make the corporation understand the lead scientist exclaims "This isn't some pagan voudoo bullshit, this is real!" lol.

I support this movie. To James Cameron, to everyone who helped bring this movie into realization, and most especially to the playwrite(s): Thank you. May the Gods grant you Their brightest blessings.


  1. I've wanted to see this movie!! Now I know I'm GOING to see this movie! What a wonderful way to spend the day!

  2. I still need to see it too, but I also suffer from a case of "broke." I will find cash after the holiday... I hope...


    Uhm... yes, this movie is pure pagan, Native American, Dances With Wolves meets Star Craft, Bad-Ass!!!

    I don't want to ruin it either, so I will just give it a giant thumbs up and tell you to go see it!

    P.S. It is three hours long. Go thirsty and pee before you go in.

  4. Hi Leathra,

    I LOVED IT! Hubby & I have seen it twice now & I wrote two posts about it. It just really moves you and makes you think.

    I agree with jtarwin above though, GO PEE before you go in. You don't want to miss a moment and you don't realize how long the movie is unless you drink that 32 ouncer while you're in there.



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