Sunday, December 13, 2009

Death and Dying...

The meeting went alright. Not spectacular. I got there...and I was the only one. The person who is usually the LAST ONE to meeting was there second. When my guy came up he said he knew of three cancellations. Granted, the weather wasn't the best...but it wasn't nearly icy enough to cause people to not come. It's DECEMBER people, what are you going to cloister for the entire month and beyond?? Guess what--winter has ice. GAH!!!!!! I'm fucking pissed off. This was a topic that meant a LOT to the member who requested it because her grandfather recently died, and this is what people do to her? Because it MIGHT be icy enough to skid on but isn't actually if they just went out and fucking checked?? I am so PISSED OFF!!!

...rant aside. A couple more people did show up--we had a grand total of six. So we were able to hold the meeting, but barely. Our token catholic can't seem to stay on topic and doesn't pause long enough to take a breath, so without multiple people to interrupt it was very difficult to actually say something about how we as pagans feel about death and dying. We did get to say a bit...but not enough. Not enough at all....

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  1. I'm sorry you didn't get a better turnout. Some people just won't go out in bad weather. Must make for a long winter though!

    Maybe you need a talking stick - but then you'd probably have to wrestle it away from Catholic girl.


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