Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What do I give to you?
What do I do for you?
I search, and I find you;
I call, and you're not there
I know you're busy
I know you have your own friends
I just reach for a little of that spotlight
in wonder of your starshine

I see it all around you
that Glamour glow
I see it all around you
but will I ever get to know
the WONDER of the starshine
will I walk by the moon's rays?

Jump off a cliff, that's all I know
jump off a cliff, to fly or fall
but I can't take that path
bound by chains of my creation
can I ever fly again?

I'm thrashing in the deep
but there's no water to swim in
I flap toward the sky
but there's no air to hold me up
Can't I reach
for my little bit
of starshine?

Leave Love and fly,
keep Love in chains
what choice is that?
I'm just searchin'
for a little bit
of starshine...

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  1. Hey!
    Check back to The Diary of a Witch, as I have awarded you the "clucking" award :)



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