Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On Magickal Workings II

Well now, the bit where I talked about seeing energy has garnered some interest!  I wanted to try and clarify a point or two, and I'm hoping you all can help me muddle this out.
First, there was some confusion on whether seeing energy = seeing auras.
Here is what Mya Om has written on the matter:  "Although most of us can't see it, nearly everyone can learn to feel it...Of the very few people that can actually see energy, some perceive it as color; to me, it looks like steam rising off a hot road in summer."  Heatwaves rising off the road?  I've described it exactly like that before.  She continues "This invisible field is around us constantly, and it extends out from the physical body about one to two inches, depending on the person.  If you are able to see auras, this is the 'empty' space or gap between the body and where the aura begins." (pp. 30-31)
Now here we see that she differentiates seeing energy and seeing auras; this is where some confusion has started.  I've always thought that the 'colorless auras' that I could see were just that--auras that I couldn't really see any color it.  I can see them around people, animals, trees, rocks...artificial objects as well.  Auras, as I understand it, can be seen around living creatures, including plants--not so much around inanimate objects. 
This is what confused me about these 'auras' I was seeing--why could I not see color?  Was I just unskilled?  Why could I also see them around non-living objects?  Why could I sometimes see them free-floating, unattached to anything? (these I have come to conclude are orbs, as they do look like pictures of orbs)  This would indicate that perhaps there IS a difference between energy and auras.
However I have always been given to understand that auras are the energy field of the body.  In effecting change in the body we effect the aura; likewise the concept of aural healing is based in the thought that effecting change in the aura will effect the body.  So if auras are simply the body's energy field, why then is there a differentiation made between the aura and energy? 
Yet still both Nellie and myself have noted that occasionally we will see hints of color in these 'bubbles', which could indicate that they are auras.  I must confess I am most perplexed in the matter, and am not sure yet what to conclude.  Is there no difference, or is there a slight one?  Perhaps energy in general inundates all things and has no color, where as living things also have a special sort of energy that is the aura? 
At this point I am entirely in the realm of theory; is there anyone out there that can provide some clarification?  Does anyone see auras as they are commonly known, with colors and chakras and everything?


  1. 'Common' is a misplaced term but yes. You said it yourself actually. Colors (meaning the rainbow effect) that you see in aura are mostly caused be emotion and the body (chakras) giving signs out, almost like signaling system. You don't see much in the way of color with other auras as they are much more neutral and with that comes the clearer appearance. I would go so far as to say that it is due to the personal chakras of a person that give the most color to ones aura.

    The energy field that is there is usually laced through with what you are producing. Much like the fibers of a rope or strands of a knitting. If you see the whole picture it appears as one object. Upon closer inspection you will see the individual strands that make it up. I always liked the analogy of a glass of water - it appears clear as crystal, and yet it is almost anything but.

    I hope this has helped at least marginally.

  2. If you are one that senses auras in the sense of colors, as the prior comment stated it is usually connected with emotions conncected to the person. As for the energy from objects, people etc, this is just that energy and thus the objects aura. I have found that some exhibit great color when some people do not. I have also found that usually in such cases the increase of colors usually has to do with the energy the person gives to others.

  3. I have never seen colors, but have seen the "heatwaves," many times, especially in places where a lot of energy (spiritual/psychic) is being used, such as a church, a spiritualist medium class, etc. I photograph orbs constantly. I am so glad you cleared this up - without the color part I didn't really know what I was seeing - since I tend to see it around objects, just as you said.

  4. ok, in the realms of theory...
    colours are waves of light yes? I definitely see the things i see with my eyes, and not my intuition, therefor i am going to work with physical perception here, so. Colours are light waves of varying lengths. Energy in gereally are 'waves' some which we percieve as colour, others sound, some waves of energy such as ultraviolent, infrared etc our eyes CANNOT percieve.
    So, just as a theory, how about if that colourless band is energy that is vibrating at a frequency that our eyes simply do not have the ability to percieve?
    Do you follow??

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