Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On Magickal Workings

I have been thinking recently on a little ritual of sorts that I could adapt to my everyday life. I don't know about any of you, but I have miserable self-discipline and making myself do anything regularly at a certain time is quite impossible. 'My Life imposes enough of those on me as it is; do I really need to do that to myself?' Is the usual train of thought.

However I am quite certain that if I want to focus on and develop my magickal life (which I do) then one of the best first steps is a little daily (magickal) ritual. It would certainly include an affirmation; I would think the best time to do this would be in the morning, but my mornings generally consist of me struggling awake, checking blogger in a half-awaKe daze as I struggle into my clothes, and stumbling out the door late to work. I don't usually fully wake up before noon. Maybe lunch would be a better time then? We'll see.

The inspiration for this adjustment in my life cycle is a book I'm reading currently, "Energy Essentials for Witches and Spellcasters" by Mya Om. Fantastic read, it's currently re-defining how I think about energy. My thing is that I 'm great with magickal theory. When it comes to magick I'm very book smart...practice, though, that's a little trickier. So I know all these things in THEORY, but have I ever actually done them? No. Well, some maybe.

See, this book has made me realize that I've never actually felt energy before. I've intuited it (I have a well-exercised intuition) but felt it like a magnetic field? Never before this book. I've also discovered that apparently what I thought were colorless auras is energy--which explains why I can see them around trees and rocks and even cars just as easily.

Now, the author claims that not many people can actually see energy, but that just seems a little off to me. It's just so...commonplace to me. Don't you guys see that kind of bubble that appears around stuff when you shift your conciousness?

The author claims that people who can see auras can deduce where the energy field is--that space between the body and the aura. See, that was the piece of information I was missing--according to the author the aura doesn't hug the body as I thought, but there's a space between it and the body, which is what I see--the energy. But surely other people can see that too?

In any case, this book has already given me a lot to mull over. More to come later, though please share your thoughts: i'd love to hear what you all have to say on the subject.
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  1. I can feel energy, but I also see colourless auras. I can't say it ever occurred to me that these could be the same. I might need to read this book.

    Lunch time has two main considerations to me when thinking about it for ritual. First, for me, it's an ideal time of day because similarly, I am never fully awake before then. On the other hand, I'm a 9-5er and that can be... well, tricky. I used to simply do a quick playing card reading every day at lunch(I wonder why I stopped? I should start again)which helped to bring the magick into my day and connect with the otherworldly side of myself.

    Regarding theory vs. practice, here's my question to you: in those times when your theory has become practical, how much success do you feel you had? I don't do that much magick, but mostly because I don't need to, and when I do, I rock it like whoa.

  2. for the longest time I wondered why certain spells worked and certain ones didn't. I truly think it was because my energy wasn't consistent with the SUCCESS of the spell. Basically I sabotaged my own Work. Thank you for suggesting this book - I read some on amazon and ordered it. I like the way the author encourages you to create your own spells - this has always worked for me, while spells I followed from books often did not - the energy was in my own created spell even before I performed it.

  3. Lis--As far as my success in spells go, I'm usually fairly successful but I believe that is because I rely on my intuition to do it for me. I just DO it, I'm not entirely sure how. However that drastically limits my control in a spell, and I want to become a more active participant. Hence the studying.

    Aine, from what you've said this book is right up your alley! Mya Om says pretty much the exact same thing in the introduction, dedicating the book to people who have that problem. I hope you like the book! It's been a great read so far!

  4. I must get this book! I am very largely self taught and energy work is the main focus of my practice as it's the most natural(intuitive) to me. I can see these colorless aura's and honestly till I read this post I didn't think I could see aura's because they weren't colored. I just thought there was something funky with my vision, lol.
    And as for a time to do a daily working it could only be after dark for me. I'm fairly nocturnal and don't even feel awake fully until the sun goes down (which, let me tell you, sucks as the kids get me up at 6:30 am everyday, lol). There is just too much outside energy whirling around during the day for me to get a serious internal focus going.

  5. I might just have to pick up this book. As for when to fit in a daily ritual, try it at night. Not when you're ready to pass out once the pillow hits or when you haven't had time to calm yourself. I have an extremely active almost-2 year old and the only time I'm able to do ANYTHING for myself is after he goes to bed. I also feel that at night, the energies are much calmer and it's easier to connect with whatever it is you're trying to connect with. Good luck!

  6. Traveler--I'm self taught too. ^_^ I've found this book to be a great resource...the most instruction I've ever had on energy work itself is a little tidbit in Scott Cunningham's Earth Power. This is way more indepth and has great instruction!!

    Autumn--thanks for the advice! I think right now I'll have to figure out what works best for me, but I'll definitely be trying at night. ^_^

  7. Hi Leathra,
    I just read that if a person wants to retain important info. than whatever they want to learn/integrate is best done right before bedtime. I was thinking of the affirmation part of your ritual. I laughed when I read how you stumble onto blogger, I have a ritual in the am.m where I load my daily blogs I like to visit when I'm still half-asleep. What a great gift you have to see auras! I can feel a persons energy like colors but I don't see them. I'm sure you've heard of Kirlian photography? I hope you keep developing this gift and blog about it. As for when I can work my magic, I guess it's part of the mystery ;) When I am connected to my mojo I feel electric and other times I fizzle, lol..

  8. YES YES YES!!! I see that too!! People tend to think I'm crazy! I see it best when the light conditions are low, but I have to make my eyes 'see' differently and focus on the places between physical objects. I know exactly what you're talking about. I see it round the edges of my kitchen cuboards, round peoples heads while i'm talking to them, round my hand while I'm typing etc. I also see it where there are no physical bodies. If I look around any given place I can garantee that I will always see at least one fuzzy mass of this energy that I always liken to seeing heat energy radiating from a hot road to those that don't know what i'm going on about. I've always taken these blocks of energy to be spirits.
    When the energy is around physical living objects (never tried with the kitchen cabinets lol!)I know that if I can relax my eyes and concentrate that I can begin to see colour around the edges of this energy. Normally i practise this every now and then with my own hands and generally the first colour, just a few mls thick that I see tends to be a sort of pale greeny colour, sometimes a grey/blue colour. After that if i'm lucky i start to see the beginning of another band of colour.
    oh and I'm the same. Stumble out of bed, boil the kettle and have a quick look at blogger before i get the kids up for breakfast. Snap!
    Nellie x

  9. Wendy--thank you for the tip, I will definitely try that! Kirlian photography...I believe that is photographing auras, yes? I've always sort of wanted to get mine photographed, but have never had the opportunity.

    Nellie--yes, you know exactly what I'm talking about, lol! I have on occasion seen color as well, sort of like a slight film of color that blends into the bubble around the edges. You're right, it's much easier to see in low light! I describe. It like heat waves too! :-)

  10. I struggle with routines too and find it difficult to get into a magickal regime (too many kids and distractions lol). I always love the idea of affirmations but in reality I don't make the time.

    I see the colourless auras and energy as little dots of light which swirl around rooms. Often though I'm too busy to pay attention which lets me know I need some life readjustments.

    Thanks for the tip on the book too!

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