Monday, March 15, 2010

My package came in!

I made a purchase from Luna over at eWitch ( four days ago, and its ALREADY IN!!!!! Talk about fast, cheap shipping! (

I'd been looking into making the switch over to resin/herb/charcoal incense as opposed to stick/cone incense for a while. Got myself some coals (because I'd rather support a fellow pagan than a local smoking shop) and resins. Testing 'em out now. MMMmmm....frankincense.... ^_^

But not only did I get my wonderful goodies in record-fast shipping, no. I got extra treats!!! One of those wonderful Chinese Fortune Fish, PLUS small samplings of St. John's Wort (how did she know I was running out?) and some attraction oil...maybe I should try it out tonight? ;) I feel like I hit the jackpot!

Hope she doesn't mind me raving too much...


  1. I tagged you in my blog photo tagging game! Come on over to my blog and see:

    Also, thanks for the link to Luna's etsy shop! I'm already drooling over several items.

  2. I love yummy incense and resins and such! Great finds!

  3. Ah yes, I recently made this switch (as in the last week) and will be attempting it this weekend.

  4. Luna is amazing. I just love her and her store.



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