Thursday, February 25, 2010

Well...I'm quite pleased.

This is my latest beauty:

I really like how it turned out. The cedar branch I had found a few months back--either in October or November. Just picking it up I knew it was my wand. Being the beauty-seeking Libra that I am, I planned to make it into an artpiece. I found a fantastic smoky quartz point that actually had Citrine growths. This wand has come out with warm fiery colors and murky shadows. That's exactly its energy as well...Flame and Shadow. Hmm...perhaps I should name it Balrog? Lol. I wish I had had it done by felt the right time to cleanse and dedicate it. Ah well...Bealtaine might work just as well.

Edit: Is it just me, or are there faces in the black mirror? may be time for a cleansing...


  1. Lovely absolutely lovely.

    Balrog....cracked me up!


  2. Wow - how beautiful! Well done!

    As for the mirror - hard to say with my little poor-sighted eyes, but cleanse if you must!

  3. That my dear is stunning. I love the lotus candle holder too. The face in the mirror, could it be yours? I see the candle holder reflecting . .just a thought. I always cleanse my house. Might be a good ritual for you as well :)


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