Thursday, February 11, 2010

They're finally done!

Well, I've been promising for a while that I'll post my most recent crafts; here is the pair of socks I *FINALLY* finished about a week ago. I had SSS for the longest time--Second Sock Syndrome, for the non-knitters out there. SSS is when you've finished your first sock, start the second...and it sits on the needles for months. And months. And MONTHS.

This is the pattern up close. Sorry if its kinda dark, but I wanted you all to see the cool zig-zag pattern.


  1. I've got a compact mirror from Kokopelli and a matching business card holder, cards and some other stuff.

  2. hi....i signed on to follow. don't know how i missed doing it earlier! i'm not sure where i got the books. i think barnes and noble. i entered you so good luck!


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