Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So you want a Witch Hunt, eh?

Hey all. I know I kinda fell of the edge of the map...in the middle of a writing rut....but I just came across something that royally pissed me off.

I mean seriously. I feel completely insulted, and I'll tell you why because I think this pertains to all of us.

I'm sure by now most of you have heard of the new Nicholas Cage movie that's come out, Season of the Witch? Basic plot premise being this: It's the middle ages and the Black Plague is running rampant through Europe. Two knights returned from the Crusades are enlisted to transport the supposed source of the plague, a young girl accused of witchcraft, to a distant abbey to have special rites performed on her.

When previews for this movie first came on tv, I was pessimistic. "Great, another 'witch' movie" I thought "I bet its totally inaccurate." Then as we started getting more previews, I became more hopeful. It was revealed that Cage's character doesn't believe the girl is a witch but a convenient scapegoat for the Church. He vows that if he doesn't believe her to truly be a witch, he will not allow the Church to persecute her as they plan. "Hey" I thought "that doesn't sound half bad. Go movie!"

Now, however, my small hope has been utterly and completely decimated. I've not yet seen the movie, but as I discovered it has come out I've started doing research--checking playtimes, etc. Then I checked the movie's site. ((http://seasonofthewitchmovie.com/))

It seems, my dear fellows, that I was completely wrong to hope. The movie's site and select clips from the movie indicate that the girl IS in fact a witch--we're talking the medieval witchhunter's definition of a witch here, summoning demons, possessing corpses, and in general hell-bent on obliterating the world. They even have demonic possessed wolves in the movie. WOLVES!! Really, was the playwrite determined to give us the full medieval hysteria experience? "No really folks, witches ARE evil and are out to get you. The Inquisition had it right."

Yes, that hurt me and pissed me off. But the true crown of the matter, the one thing that REALLY enraged me about this movie, is the smartphone app that they offer to accompany the movie. Here, let me repost the description:

"Witches walk all around us. They are responsible for great devastation, performing harrowing evils from the guises of the shadows. Witches can be anyone – a cute stranger at the bar, a quiet coworker, your childhood friend, even your closest family member. When your very life is at stake, how do you distinguish a witch from a mere mortal? Welcome to the Season of the Witch "Witch Hunt" application. The app unveils the witches that are all around you. Download the app and begin your quest now." ((http://www.appbrain.com/app/witch-hunt/com.relativitymedia.sotw))

Really. Really? I AM the quiet coworker, I AM the childhood friend, I AM A WITCH! And for this, evidently, I must be burned. For my sin of identifying as a witch, for the evils of crimes I have not committed, my existence must be purged for the good of all.

No. I will not stand for this. I will NOT allow this movie to set back religious tolerance another century! I am this close to contacting the ACLU for concerns I have about my right of Freedom of Religion! The only thing that stays my hand is this: I have not yet actually seen the movie. Perhaps this is all just a mistake, a bit of ingenious marketing. Maybe this movie does have a twist. I don't know yet, but I'm going to find out before I pronounce judgement.

That app, however, should definitely be removed from the market.

Please, if anyone has seen this movie yet, comment. In general, comment, let me know your thoughts on this, let me know my voice is heard. This 'witch hunt' is not to be tolerated.


  1. I downloaded the app just to see and lets just say I'm disgusted beyond belief as the others were too that had left a comment. I have since uninstalled it.

  2. I wrote about this a few days ago on my blog, about this "demon witch" theme, and am not happy about it. I have not seen the movie yet, either, so I cannot make a judgment. But the app sounds horrific, and I wonder if there is anything that really can be done...big business will not be stopped, you know.

  3. I was going to see this with my husband if we can arrange a babysitter but now I'm not so sure. I have to admit it was just the title which caught my eye (and Nicholas Cage). It will be interesting to read some reviews especially in the Pagan community. The app sounds awful too.

  4. I was like you at first thinking "ahhh, someone's going to champion the witch's" and then I heard more about it too and ixnay! I am so fed up as you are with the whole "evil witch" b.s. Karma, karma, karma back to those who made it.

  5. What astounds me is that in all the movies to do with witches that I've ever seen or heard about, everyone always shows them summoning demons or casting spells - not the actual spells, but spells like turning people into frogs.

    Even the one movie that says witches are good shows them with demons and mixing love spells!

    Why can't one, just one movie get it right? If one stinking movie could come out that has witches as they actually are, I would be happy. If it becomes popular, even better!

  6. Midwinterain, I think the closest movie to what you are wanting was actually produced by Hallmark, called "The Good Witch". It is the most realistic portrayal of witches I have ever seen on film...and there are now two sequels. ^_^ Yes, they can get rather corny (It is Hallmark after all) but Cassie Nightingale is my hero! ^_^

  7. Hi all! I'm a newbie witch, and I just found your blog today. I just wanted to say I agree wholeheartedly with your post...and I figured I'd stop being a creeper and introduce! Lol so, merry meet and blessed be.

  8. I did see the movie. Let's start off with it's a typical Nick Cage movie, awful. I mean I was ready to leave halfway through because it was so boring. But putting that aside, the movie points out that the girl is NOT a witch but in fact a demon. They do clearly make that known because there is a special "witch prayer" they are to do and it's not working only to discover that they need to do an exorcism because....and I quote from the movie...."we aren't dealing with a witch".

    The media will never portray us properly. Just as much as all Catholic priests will be pedophiles in the media. And all members of Westboro Baptist Church will still be regarded as "Christians". Honestly, feel bad for the people in the movie with me as I loudly informed my non-witchy cohorts that "if they actually did portray us witches properly it would be one hell of a boring movie". I said this of course when one of my friends became quite upset at the hanging of three women accused of witchcraft and she loudly protested with "Why can't the media show what witches really are?".

    Now that I think about it, she probably set me up for that lovely and quite loud conversation mid-movie.

  9. Greetings crafty witch.
    I have to say that i love witch movies. i always seek them out and when i find one i get so happy. I loved practical magic even though it was far from wiccan. So when i heard of the title"season of the witch" i too got hopeful. Then i saw the trailer and it should be called "season of the witchhunter" . I have n't seen the movie yet, but i dread it. I agree with you a hundred per cent. Those movies make people even more intolerant.
    Brightest blessings.

  10. I may be alone in this, but I saw the movie...
    and as mentioned in a previous comment, the girl was not a witch but a demon. I actually really enjoyed the movie and as a Wiccan, was not offended in the least.

  11. little bit delayed, but greek witch, Practical Magic was the movie I was talking about in my comment, funnily enough. :)

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  13. I thought practically magic was cool


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