Monday, August 23, 2010

Is this right?

My contest ends this Wednesday, but I'm considering giving it an extension. My blog is showing 14 responses to my contest. Is this right? Because I'm getting new people following my blog--but no entries. Hmm. Maybe people don't like the giveaway? I think it an interesting conundrum. So far I have entries for:
Willow (1 entry)
Spellbound in Salem (1 entry)
Nydia (4 entries)
Anastasia (3 entries)
Sydnii (1 entry)
Lisa (1 entry)
Myster (1 entry)
Lyn (1 entry)

If you have responded to my giveaway but for some reason it isn't showing up on my blog, or if the numbers I have here are incorrect, please contact me at windchild26 AT gmail DOT com and I will ensure that you get your entries.

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